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Network Card there! but Wins XP cannot see it

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John on February 22, 2005
Network Card there! but Wins XP cannot see it

i have a network card in my (2nd) pc but Wins xp does not see it ( i'm trying to setup network tru x-over cable and my pc cannot see the card, but i donot know the make of the card! how do i get the make or model of the net-card???
Robin on March 11, 2005
RE: Network Card there! but Wins XP cannot see it

Hey there John...

To check the make and Model of ur Network Card, U'll need to read on it after u Unscrew and take it out of ur PC While it's turned off..

U'll read on the largest chip on it the make and Model.. and search for a driver from the internet...

In case there is no Make and Model written on it... I'm sorry to say that, But i guess it's better to change ur network card... it's not worth the searching for 6 or 8 $... :S
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