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DVD CD Combo
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DVD CD Combo

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Shangotzz on February 24, 2005
DVD CD Combo

I have a Samsung SM-308B cd device in a Dell Dimension 4100. The system (XP Home) recognizes the device and will not read data disk's or play audio disks. The kicker is that it will play DVD's without any problem. After I insert a DVD, start then stop the movie I can access data disks and audio disks UNTIL I reboot the system. Then it's back no read/write/play data/music disks. Any ideas??????????
Alexander Sebastian on March 8, 2005

In our new dell PC the above matter on the subject having a problem. I had also install Easy 5 CD creator but when I click this icon and I want to make data project CD copies but when I click for recording immediately it gives a messages Note: East CD creatir cannot use it until the application has completed.

Kindly solved the above problem with sequence step.

Robin on March 11, 2005
RE: DVD CD Combo

I also have samsung Combo Drive... and sometimes when i try burning cd's or just reading them, the drive stops responding, i reboot the pc, still doesn't work... I move the cables from inside a bit, and it works again...

if there is a solution for this "I didn't try changing the IDE cable yet though"

I'll be thankfull for a solution.
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