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Norton Problem
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Norton Problem

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Robin on March 6, 2005
Norton Problem

Hey there...

I'm having this problem with my PC...
Whenever i format it, Fdisk, format, and reinstalling winXP i get this ur pc will restart in a minute thing... i have fixed that by applying a sasser or blaster fix, and upgraded my windows update and everything.... but whenever i come to make Norton antivirus live update (whatever version) it doesn't update the Virus definitions part...
I've Uninstalled it, reinstalled it no way...
I was wondering if there is a solution for that...I'd be thankful for a detailed answer... :)
Robin on March 15, 2005
Still Norton Problem

anybody Help!
Eric Georgieff on March 16, 2005
RE: Norton Problem

Hi Robin,

I don't know how to fix your problem. However, you may wish to consider updating Norton Anti-Virus manually rather than through the Live Update feature.

Obviously this is not as convenient, but at least it will update your virus software.

These definitions may be manually downlaoded from:

I hope someone else has a real solution to this problem.

Eric Georgieff
Robin on March 30, 2005
RE: Norton Problem

Thanks Eric for ur concern...
But as i had mentioned up there, i am already able to update it manually, my problem is the "Automatic" thingi...

anyways... 10x again, but i still urge to know the solution if some1 else has it...
Phyllis Satterly on August 4, 2005
RE: Norton Problem

Every time I try to update Norton - I keep getting this message at about 72% before it completes. What should I do about this?

Windows 98 4.10.2222 A

Common Client Core 1.0.2

LiveUpdate was not able to complete this update.

Please contact Technical Support and provide all information displayed on this screen.
For contact information, go to Help->Technical Support from your Symantec product.

The files below could not be updated by LiveUpdate:
File: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ccTrust.dl^
95480 Bytes 11/6/2003 8:22:48 v1.0.10.2.
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