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I can't copy CDs
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I can't copy CDs

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J. Johnson on October 17, 2001
I can't copy CDs

My PC has the following configuration
AMD Ahtlon 1.4 GHz
20 GB ATA 100 (Master-Primary IDE)
10 GB ATA 66 (Slave-Primary IDE)
BCD 32X CD ROM (Master -Secondary IDE)
LG CD-RW CED-8042B (Slave-Secondary IDE)
OS: MS Windows ME
Roxio EasyCD Creator 5.0
Ahead Nero

I used to copy my CDs using both CDROMS (source: BCD CD ROM 32X destination drive: LG CD-RW)

I used only two programs: EasyCD Creator and Nero..... and everything was OK.

But when I tried to use CloneCD.... the problems began.

My PC freezes when I try to copy CDs using both CDROMs.

Now.... none of the programs can copy CDs (including EasyCD Creator and Nero).

However, I can copy my CDs using a image file (stored in my HDD).

Also, I don't have any problem if I create a CD using the Hard Disk as source device.

I tried to disable DMA option for both CD ROMs in the Device Manager, but nothing happened.

What can I do?
Marie on November 1, 2004
RE: I can't copy CDs

You either have to buy a system meant for coping or burning cds, or copy it onto an mp3 disk. (you have to have an mp3 player though)
very mad person on November 16, 2004
RE: I can't copy CDs

when i went on this site and read i cant copy cds i thought that ment that it will show you how not a loud os shit about over stuff so i would like you to show/explain to me how i can copy and album on to an empty cd of the internet please please please THANK YOU VERY MUCH SEND BACK QUICK bubi real name jess
Danny on March 4, 2006
RE: I can't copy CDs

When I open my nero to copy an entire audio CD, an error report pops up. I used to be able to copy, now I can't. Please advise what to do.
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