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Exploring CD
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Exploring CD

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City4 on March 16, 2005
Exploring CD

Have anyone ever have a compact disk shatter in their CD-ROM. I tried to installed the PSC 1350 I heard this loud crash in the CD-ROM drive I open the door the disk shatter all over the drive.

Does anyone know do I need get a new CD-ROM drive or clean it out will it still work.

Thanks for your help I glad I find this board the other site didn't do nothing for me.
Robin on March 17, 2005
RE: Exploring CD

hey there City4

something similar had happened with a friend of mine... He had warrenty back then, he changed it for a new 1...

in ur case, if u don't have warrenty, try to clean the scattered peaces , but be sure u can manage it... or else give it to a technicien...

if it works, ur lucky... if not buy a new drive...

maybe I'm not a big help
but, this is all i can say... so good luck...
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