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code 39 keyboard win XP
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code 39 keyboard win XP

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wiwik on March 29, 2005
code 39 keyboard win XP

the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39)
Schokkie on April 5, 2005
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I have the same problem. Did you fix it yet?
robin on August 1, 2005
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

don't know how to fix it
Hugo on October 23, 2005
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Does anybody know how to fix this problem. If so, can you please e-mail me how? Thank you.
nik on December 3, 2005
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I have the same problem lost all keyboard functions. error 39 corrupt driver. tryed all the usual reinstall driver etc nothing works.

if you no how to fix this please contact me via email. thanks.
ps. using logitec keyboard.
fdfseds on January 30, 2006
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

arghh this is messsed up my laptop i tried replacing the files but its still messed grrrrr
clay on November 7, 2006
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Anyone find a fix for this error. I have tried everything.
ZABUZA on February 5, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

same 4 me.tried everything.I`ve even flashed the bios.its a windows DRIVER error.installed xp on other hard-drive and keyboard works.
ZABUZA on February 5, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

^by the way^ i have a "standard 101/102-key" keyboard so it doesn`t matter wat keyboard ur using as i said before - its a windows driver error.if anyone can help.. i'm stuck with on screen keyboard 4 a few MONTHS!!
jaski on February 27, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

u can update the bios and then update the latest drivers from the support website of the vendor.
tusken on May 5, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

yer im having the same problem booting up in diagnostic mode to see if i can fix it...any help would be much apreciated
Bas13 on July 4, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP


Figured out how to fix this error if anyone is interested.

It is a bad Upperfilter setting in the registry.

To repair this error:

1) go to C:\Windows\System32\Regedit32.exe

2) Click on Edit -> Find

3) Type in kbdclass (be inventive here as I know you cant type. Copy this name from c:\windows\system32\drivers\kbdclass.sys - right click and click rename. Then just copy the 'kbdclass' - this can then be pasted in the regedit box)

4) Search through for as many Upperfilters you can find.

5) They most likely have 2 lots of drivers associated with it eg 'tphclhs kbdclass'

6) Double click the 'Upperfilter' and delete the other entry except 'kbdclass'

7) Search for all instances of this and change them

8) Go to device manager and uninstall your keyboard - then 'scan for hardware changes'

9) You will most likely need to restart

Keyboard should now be working fine.

I actually surprised myself in solving the error - as you normally delete the upper and lower filters for CD-Roms when they have the error code 39 - so I guess it would work for all devices that have upperfilters.

Worked for me so hope it works for you too.

Best of luck

michaely on August 20, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

A big thank you to Bas13.

I had spent a frustrating week or so with this exact error on my work PC. I could only work using Remote Desktop from another machine in the office.

Anyhow after following the instructions from Bas13 and removing extra entries from my Upperfilter(s) My keyboard was operational again.

For the record (in case anyone else has this problem) my extra entries in the Upperfilters came from a VMWare (server) install.

I am not sure what went wrong with my VMWare install but that is what caused my keyboard to stop functioning.

No other fix had worked and I had tried:
- reinstalling drivers of Win XP CDs
- uninstalling and reinstalling VMWare
- going to numerous WinXP restore points
- all the usual registry fix tools

Anyhow thanks again Bas13.
fh46 on August 22, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Kudos to Bas13! I was on the verge of wiping the system and rebuilding it, but this did the trick. Turns out that the software that killed my keyboard was "SAM2003." Didn't know it had done anything bad till a week later when a powerline glitch rebooted the PC, and the keyboard stopped working.
ferni on August 28, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

oooh no i tryed to do what u said bas13 and when i get to the bit where u hava to go to regedit it says registry editing it says registry editing has been disabled by your administer please help me please
ferni on August 29, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

ok i dont get you bas13 contact me on please
FERRARI on September 4, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Steve Baird on September 11, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

sam2003 did the same thing to me
Brandon Moses on September 16, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I have the same problem but i see no other entries in my registry than the default and kbdclass. I can search for upperfiles and lowerfiles but my results are all associated with my CD-ROM drive which works just fine. What I don't understand is why this happened- everything was working fine until we had a power outage one day while i was using it, then when i turned my computer back on it would freeze if i pressed a single key. I would just have to reboot and use this on-screen keyboard.
ferni on September 19, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

guys plz could u help me fix my keyboard plz bas 13 i can only see 2 typesof keyboards one just says default and the other kbdclass i have tried delteting that one but still it just cums up again and again and the other one that says default u cant delete help plz
Jodie on September 21, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Uninstall and then reinstall your device.

To resolve the problem that is causing Device Manager to show an error code for your device, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the device.

To uninstall your device

Open Device Manager.

If the category for your device is not expanded, double-click the category.

Under the category for your device, right-click the device that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.

In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK.


To open Device Manager, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
Once you have removed your device, use the Add Hardware Wizard to reinstall it.

To reinstall your device

Close any open programs.

Start the Add Hardware Wizard.
samo on October 11, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Bas13 I have to thank you! your steps worked flawlessly!
Arun on October 19, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Bas1300 7/04/2007 11:14:37
Update solved my problem.

I was having entry from VMWARE server infront of kbdclass in upperfilter.
Uninstallation didnt happen properly and after reboot I was having this problem.
parsecbcn on October 29, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thanks to everybody and especially for Bas 13. I had the same problem with my keyboard and finally I had could solve it following his explanation.

Note: The other entry in the uppercase was from and installation of vmware like has commented Arun.

wayne on November 2, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I tryed the fix and can't get it to work. Windows xp pro sp2. logitech keyboard won't work at all. Mouse logitech stopped working also when plugged into the mouse port then I just unplugged the mouse and put it directly into a usb port and the mouse will work now..Please help..
Jbelle7435 on December 18, 2007
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I was worried about the hard part steps four through seven but I follwed exactly and did the rest of the steps and wallah I am typing with my keyboard again!!!

Thanks BAS13

PS. step three you can use the "Onscreen keyboard" Done with that for now....
JENN on January 6, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

how do i get to
go to C:\Windows\System32\Regedit32.exe
Nonto on January 14, 2008
RE: Laptop problem

I restarted a laptop but it does'nt boot at all, so pliz tell me what can i do?
peacefullunatic on January 19, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Bas's fix worked for me too! Just had to remember to continue to "find next" until all the baddies were dealt with.
I was also a victim of the VMWare.
enno on January 28, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thank you very much Bas13. Your instruction helps and saves many time for troubleshooting.

Thank you ;-)
lkung on February 3, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thanks Bas13, siliconguide, and Google! I had this problem after uninstalling VMWare Player, and the instructions worked great for getting my keyboard functionality back.

Kevin on February 14, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

The common factor with all the keyboard problems is using MICROSOFT REMOTE DESKTOP - which replaces the driver for functionality but does not replace with the correct host driver after use.
I keep full operating system backups using Partition Magic, and the only way out was to bin the ops system and replace with a copy of the Master Ops System Backup.
I am trying to find an alternative FREE REMOTE DESKTOP FACILITY.
Michiel on February 16, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

The Solution of Bas13 also works fine on Windows Vista Ultimate(32bit) after deïnstalling VMWARE Workstation on my machine, my keyboard also didn't respond anymore with a code (39) in device manager. So thanx a lot Bas 13!
kop4 on February 22, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I'm a little confused on Bas13's solution.When i do the "find next" button with kbdclass i only get two things: (Default) and \Device\KeyboardClass0.

Both are type REG_SZ, and under data the default says (value not set) and the other says \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet009\Services\Kbdclass.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.
test on March 11, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

i love you
thanks that worked .. in fact it was the result of deinstalling vmware 6 beta ^^ i found a vmkbd driver in every filter entry

marc on March 12, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

thanks to bas13

note: you can also double-click on:


which start a virtual keyboard, if you click on the letter 'A' for example, it's like you type the 'A'
DocJMB on March 21, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Bas 13 you're a genius THANKS!
Had been killing myself finding a solution.
ATechGuy on April 1, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Major Kudos to Bas13. thank you SO much.
Ryan Adams on April 4, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I fixed this with some registry editing. TO make it easier I also created a REG file that should work:
Jon Comer on April 9, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

I had a Code 38 error and your procedure fixed it perfectly. Thanks very much.

This seemed to caused by VMWare also.

LodewijkB on April 17, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thank you very much, Bas13!

You saved me big time!

The Netherlands
Gregul on April 18, 2008
code 39 keyboard win XP

thank U Bas13 ! It works finally... UUUU I was getting mad... I tried to put your Regfile, but i didn't work out...
Finally, I desinstalled the keyboard, and using "REGCLEANER.exe" I cleaned the registry, and started the computer again.... The Kb got reinstalled correctly.
Unonimous on April 21, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Omg Bas13 u are great thx for saving me a lot of time! U should simplify the instructions a little though becaused some people like myself are having a hard time understanding exactly what to do. thx again for the support. FOR ANYONE WHO STIL CANT FIX IT U CAN DOWNLOAD AN AUTOMATIX FIX FROM HERE: Email me for any info
ComputerxBroken on April 23, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Hi, I couldn't find anything other than 'kbdclass' under any of the upperfilters. I'm not sure but it may have been because I tried a similar solution to this earlier which I found on a few other sites:

Click Start
>type in the Search box “Regedit”
>Click Hkey_Local_Machine
>System folder

-Click to select UpperFilters in the right pane, delete it
-Click LowerFilters in the right pane, delete it

Close Registry window and restart the computer.

(My keyboard still did not work after doing this, however)

Thank you for your help.
Adam on May 1, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Bless you Bas13
creaturex on May 3, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Ok, for everyone struggling with BAS13's explanation, I'll try to explain it in a simpler manner. First, for simplicity's sake, open up the on-screen keyboard in Start->All Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On-Screen Keyboard

Now, open the Start menu and click Run. In here, type "regedit" and hit enter (on the nifty on-screen keyboard, of course.)

Once there, click Edit at the top, then click Find. Type kbdclass and press find. Now, look at the key it found. If it is named Upperfilter or Lowerfilter, then that's one of the ones you're looking for. If not, press f3 (find next) on the on-screen keyboard, and wait for it to find another. In my repair, I found kbdclass about 20 times, but only 4 of them were the keys I was looking for. Now, when you find one named Upperfilter or Lowerfilter, look at the contents of the key, mine, for example, read "kbdclass vmkbd". If it says anything besides "kbdclass", then you need to fix that key. Right click it and click Modify. From here, delete everything except "kbdclass", and save the changes. You should have to modify a few of these, or maybe even just one. Just make sure you search through the whole registry, by hitting f3 until you get a message saying "Windows has finished searching the registry." Then do the uninstall and reinstall like BAS13 said, and you should be set. I didn't even have to restart, but that doesn't mean you won't have to.

By the way, my issue was caused by VMware (uninstalling, to be specific)
grable on May 16, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thank you Bas13!!!

This solved my problem perfectly, and uninstalling VMWare was the culprit on my machine as well.

Thanks again :)
Beach on May 22, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Thanks Bas13!
It worked great! VMWare was also my problem. Last time I use that software.
Thanks again.
colin on May 24, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP

Blas13 - you're a legend, this works perfect!!!!
Matt on June 6, 2008
RE: code 39 keyboard win XP


Having this problem as well and the fix works great, i'm having the problem on multiple machines so need to establish what has caused the issue. How did you identify that VMware was the culprit?
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