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computer shuts down at Xp logo
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computer shuts down at Xp logo

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Vipal on March 31, 2005
computer shuts down at Xp logo

When I start up my dell pc. It goes to the windows xp logo screen for a few seconds. Then I hear a click and at the same time the monitor goes black and restarts the pc. This happens over and over. Only way to stop it is if I turn off the pc. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?

Manoj on October 12, 2005
RE: computer shuts down at Xp logo


I am also going through the same problem. Though I don't have the permanent solution but I can suggest you to follow this step for the time being (till you come up with better idea).

Boot From The CD. Go to the repair console by pressing R.NOw,if you have only one OS, type 1 and if you have multiple OS, choose the OS in the list by giving NO. It will ask you for your password.If you have Administrator(Not the one you made) Password, provide it.Now, give the CHKDSK a chance to fix your PC. It may fix your problem temporarly or permanently.


Have a try.

I'd love to hear the response and other better ideas.
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