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GeforceFX5200 PCI - Blackscreen problem
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GeforceFX5200 PCI - Blackscreen problem

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Dj on March 31, 2005
GeforceFX5200 PCI - Blackscreen problem

Hi, I just recieved a Chaintech FX5200, and did what they said. I uninstalled the drivers changed the bios to PCI. However, after the windows XP loading screen, my computer just goes black. I take out my graphics card this time,and the same thing happens again. I know the card is detected because it says in the very beginning that i am using a FX5200. I have had many suggestions to upload drivers in safe mode, but my computer freezes as it starts uploading safe mode. I really need this fixed, I am very scared of what the graphics card had just done to my computer.

Computer Specs.

386 RAM
1.76GHz Intel Processor
250 power supply

the card info is on

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