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Please Help!!! Backing Up Photos to CD Using Nero6
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Please Help!!! Backing Up Photos to CD Using Nero6

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Charles on May 7, 2005
Please Help!!! Backing Up Photos to CD Using Nero6

I'm new to this so please bare with me.

I'm wanting to back-up my digital photos to CD. I'm using Nero 6 and a CD-Recordable 700MB (1X-48X Speed)disc. I have a Sony DVD RW SW-U14A [CD-R/RW]drive.

My problem is after backing-up my photos, some of them will open and others will not. Some that do open are only half there. Then I get the problem of the file, "Not Responding". And that leaves me trying to close the file (ctrl, alt, delete)

I used Nero 6, and selected, "Nero Express6". It asked me what I would like to burn? I selected "DATA" then "DATA Disc". I then selected the "ADD" button and selected the files I wished to put on the CD. After doing so it indicated that I used 593.5MB
I then selected Next, gave the CD a name and chose a write speed of 20X (3000KB/s)
I then selected "BURN" and it went through the process and told me that the "burn was completed successfully". Then ejected the disc.

Am I doing something wrong? Selecting the wrong application in Nero6 to backup my photos? I'm getting just a bit frustrated as I've made about 4 drink coasters so far.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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