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Virus Problem
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Virus Problem

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Rahul on May 24, 2005
Virus Problem

Please help me in this.
I think, this is due to a virus attack.......I cannot download anything from the FTP or mail attachment.

Virus scanning shows "Trojan Horse Dialer.15.0" but the system is shutting down before the scan is complete.
Anonymous on August 3, 2006
RE: Virus Problem

Looks like a virus, and a spyware. Try to get Spybot - Search & Destroy @ Then, update it, scan. If it keeps shutting down your system, you need some help from an expert. Otherwise, the best I would recommend is McAfee. Try disabling internet, and quarantine the file, then delete.
rob on August 6, 2006
RE: Virus Problem

try the anti spywares mentioned. you can also try the freeware AVG antivirus which is excellent with free updates.

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