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access # to zeronet
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access # to zeronet

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Amal Cooley on October 22, 2001
access # to zeronet

please, can you send me an access phone # to zeronet internet.. in my area.. I live in reno and zip code is 89512 and area code is 775
Valey on June 30, 2004
RE: access # to zeronet

This is the page for you to find your netzero access number.

Information based on 56K dialup service under $10 per month.

Connection speeds: NetZero 4.3 Seconds; NetZero 17.6 Seconds

NetZero SpeedBand: only compatible with Platinum service, specified browsers and only for Windows. Additional phone and live tech support charges and usage restrictions may apply. 12-month commitment required. Early termination fee of $25 may apply.

NetZero Platinum: Choose from monthly, 5 month or 12 month plans.

Live telephone technical support is available for a fee of $1.95/min ($2.95 CDN/min in Canada).

Other services:

NetZero MegaMail: 25 MB of e-mail storage space, block up to 250 unwanted e-mail addresses and attachs, send near 5 MB of photos and files to outgoing messages. One year of NetZero MegaMail included with NetZero HiSpeed.

NetZero MegaMail 100: total of 100 MB of e-mail storage for $2.08 per month. Near 500 e-mail addresses on each of your Block List and Safe List, a total of 75 Mail Assistants and up to 10 MB of attachments.


NetZero HiSpeed. Includes pop-up blocker and NetZero MegaMail with 25MB of e-mail storage - PLUS SAVE OVER 30% compared to the regular price - just $9.95 a month for your first 12 months

NetZero Platinum featuring UNLIMITED SURFING. SAVE OVER 30% compared to the regular price - just $6.95 a month for your first 12 months

Not a user friendly sight. I see why finding an access number was difficult. look at these: myispfinder, BlazeDot.
sherry henry on September 17, 2006
RE: access # to zeronet

Please send me a link to your main, initial info page, so that I can familiarize with zeronet phone service and register for it. thanks, sh
rosland edward on June 19, 2008
RE: access # to zeronet

How do I access my email from a remote location>
kikuyu on May 25, 2011
RE: access # to zeronet

am glad to send this msg to yu.
rply please
Etty on January 18, 2012

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me strgaiht.
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