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Graphics card woes
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Graphics card woes

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Mike Gordon on June 18, 2005
Graphics card woes

Well I got my first PCI graphics card for my HP pavilion a820n desktop and I'm facing some annoying problems. My computer came with onboard 3D graphics and I'm trying to install a GeForce FX 5200 PCI graphics card. Upon consulting tech support I was able to have my computer detect the graphics card and disable the onboard graphics, but throughout my talk with tech support pne problem still remained. Whenever Windows XP was booting up my PC would freeze, (for notation the screen I'm talking about is the one with the Windows XP logo with the bar below it which has the three blue squares inside the bar, moving to the right, and coming to the left) and by freeze I mean the squares would stop moving and the boot would halt. After telling this to tech support they said that there may be a file or folder that's keeping Windows XP from booting properly while the graphics card was installed in the computer (and this is only when the card is in, if it's out it works fine). They said the solution to this problem would be to reset the PC completely, everything erased, like the day I first turned it on. Are they insane! I have way too much to just throw away forever, and saving all of it on disks and reloading it onto the computer after reseting it would take way to much time! Anyway what I'm trying to get at here is what file or folder would I want to disable or get rid of for the time being to make Windows boot properly? Or for a question that could have a more open-ended awnser. Help me! What the heck do I do to fix it?!?
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