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windows me protection error
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windows me protection error

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Mark Diephuis on July 2, 2005
windows me protection error

Hello! I have got a windows protection error during startup (win ME). I have tried all the support suggestions using msconfig to no avail. The error occurs just before the desktop screen normally comes up. The bootlog.txt ends with "initializing kernal". The computer will still boot up fine with a startup disk or in safe mode. I also tried reinstalling Windows ME but get the same error during second restart sequence. When I now boot in safe mode it reminds me that it can't detect the hardware in safe mode.A friend of mine told me that there is a file in the windows directory that can be erased which will allow a "clean install" - overwriting all system files. Is that true and do you think using that strategy (deleting or renaming the file) would help? What else would you suggest I try?
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