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Windows XP Black Screen
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Windows XP Black Screen

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Vivian on July 14, 2005
Windows XP Black Screen

I've recently played with some display properties (hardware acceleration rate, etc) in an attempt to play a DVD. After changing those options and restarting, I see the XP logo loading, and then it goes into a black screen. I've tried starting in safe mode, VGA mode, from BIOS, all resulting in the same black screen. I've also tried using an external monitor (it's a laptop) and it's still the same. What can I do?

Kevin Killion on August 26, 2005
RE: Windows XP Black Screen

Similar story, except that after requesting Safe Mode, I'm seeing "Safe Mode" on the four corners and other than that a completely black screen.

-- Kevin
philip on November 30, 2005
RE: Windows XP Black Screen

Ditto, except that I only rebooted.

So far, I have repaired the OS, installed a new
video card, etc. Hardware unlikely as it runs
just fine on knoppix, Win recovery console,
etc.. I suspect that the registry is corrupt,
but MS provides no tools for repairing the reg
in a non-bootable system except FORMAT...

Pretty lame if you ask me. This is a MINOR
problem that will require a MAJOR repair
because MS failed to make available decent
repair tools downloadable for OEM customers...

Good luck, I'm going to re-install as suggested
but it won't be Windows again (Can you say

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