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Is it a virus, etc. or simply a crashed system?
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Is it a virus, etc. or simply a crashed system?

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Alexa on August 17, 2005
Is it a virus, etc. or simply a crashed system?

Day before yesterday, I turned on my
computer. During boot, it returned a
message that my floppy disk had failed. I
thought, "Hmmm, strange," and told it to
proceed. When WindowsXP loaded, it
returned a message that my new
hardware had been installed and that I
needed to restart. Since I had not installed
any new hardware, I told it not to restart. I
went to my control panel to see if I could
determine what had been installed. When
checking my devices, not only was the
floppy drive disabled but so were all of my
com and lpt ports. I was still able to point
and click and move around with the
mouse, but any keystroke on the keyboard
simply returned a string of gibberish. I
called a relative who is supposed to know
a lot more about PCs than I do, and he
said to reboot from my restore CD, which I
tried to do. Same sloppy disk failed
message, but I couldn't escape past it
since the keyboard wasn't communicating.
We try to reboot in safe mode, and even
the monitor stopped communicating. Now
if we try to start the system, the drives run
and run but there's no communication with
anything. The monitor displays a message
that the cables are probably not
connected, even though they are.
Thought it might have been a CMOS worm,
so pulled battery to hopefully reset CMOS,
but no response of any kind.
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