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CD writer wont write readable cd's
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CD writer wont write readable cd's

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Gael on December 5, 2001
CD writer wont write readable cd's

I have a cd writer sorry not sure which brand,that has caused nothing but problems...
First it didnt get along with my computer and created a competition between my cd rom and my cd writer....Eventually we have moved the writer to another computer but I still have a big problem. I will write a data cd and close it and it will only be able to be read by some computers. There is no obvious reason. My computer will tell me the disk isn't formatted while other computers can read it. The other computers do not have a cd writer in them just a cd rom so they dont have any extra software. Any answers???
Wadey on June 14, 2004
RE: CD writer wont write readable cd's


I think this relates to the way inwhich you close the CD. What application do you use to copy CD's? There should be a selection of options relating to closing the CD, one o which should state that it will make the CD readable in ALL drives.

Let me know how you get on
melody on August 22, 2005
RE: CD writer wont write readable cd's

I put a cd-rw in write my copy my infomation and take it out.... place it back in and then it says..this file is a read only file.....please make this file read/writable and then open it again.

how do I do that?
Sue on February 21, 2007
RE: CD writer wont write readable cd's

I am having the same problem & cannot find the answer. Did you ever get it figured out? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Annonymus on March 16, 2011
RE: CD writer wont write readable cd's

I am having same problem
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