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Where can I get an SCSI cable?
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Where can I get an SCSI cable?

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Nico Thoemmes on May 11, 2001
Where can I get an SCSI cable?

i bought a second hand cd writer and it came with no connectors, it's a scisi one it can't be fitted to the motherboard without a scisi cable i was wandering whether u know where i can get one and how much. cheers
Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001
RE: Where can I get an SCSI cable?

Nico Thoemmes,

You will need to install an SCSI card in your computer before you can hook up your CD-Writer. One can be purchased for a little under a 100$ Canadian (probably less in US dollars). Once you have one, or if you already have one in your computer, you can hook up an SCSI cable to it.

You can probably find one for not too much (certainly under 10$) at a computer superstore (such as Future Shop, Computer City, etc...). If not, try looking at the small corner store clone computer shops. They usually carry just about everything.

I hope this answers your question,

Eric Georgieff
Charles St-Julien on February 18, 2006
RE: Where can I get an SCSI cable?

I need a scisi wire (at least 8 feet long) 50 pins male male.
I'm in the region of Ottawa and I have a sawmill to run on monday.
Brand new wire is wonderful, use one is find also.
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