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Iitronic IMP11
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Iitronic IMP11

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Eddie on November 30, 2005
Iitronic IMP11

Have just got this player for my daughter. I can transfer files from CD-PC-MP3 but when i buy a song of the internet (Chart song from I can download onto PC and even get it onto the MP3 player but when i try and play it it comes up with file error, any ideas?? Is it anything to do with songs being protected??
Maureen on December 5, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

I'm using Windows media and each time I run sync to trasfer to the mp3 I get an error message on dowloaded songs. Any that get through I can't play - eventually tells me file error on the device,any help appreciated
elaine on December 20, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

why cant i down load the disc that came with my imp-11 it comes up driver and tools so i downloaded the driver but it wont work
Colin on December 22, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

Can't help you Eddie, But I am having exactly the same problem with the same product
Tasha on December 25, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

i have just a mp3 player for christmas this is the best prsent i have ever got!!!!!!!!!!!
jacqui on December 26, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

i have lost the software for mp3 player, how can i get the software?
ross on December 27, 2005
file errors on imp-11

im trying to update the files of music onto the mp3 and it is just playing up (file errors )
thanks 4 your help
Eddie on December 30, 2005
RE: Iitronic IMP11

I have found some of the problem, some sites that you buy music from have got "DRM" - Data rights management, the itonics device cannot support this so you may need to find a site that isnt protected by DRM, hope this is of some help people.
jambo on January 25, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

how to i transfer lyrics from computer to player
mike on February 9, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

how do you transfer music onto the player???????????????????????
thanks 4 any help
smiddy on March 2, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

hi there i got the same mp3 player for x-mas and have been trying to get it to work since, i can transfer the files over but it only plays about 10/ 20 seconds of each song some times won't even do that ...
please help!!
cheers muchly appreciated
Lee on March 13, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

To stop the player just playing 10/20 seconds: Start playing a track, then press the mode button, press on repeat then select normal (there are about seven different repeat modes and yours is probobly set to intro).

Hope this helps
michael on May 12, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

I bought two mp3 IMP11 players one I can put folders on containing files. The other one says no files if I try to put folders on it. I can only put files on it.
malik on November 28, 2006
RE: Iitronic IMP11

how do u put music on mp3 if any ideas email me plz need help
Charatone on December 26, 2007
Help needed!

I cannot turn on the mp3 player, I have plugged it in to the computer and it says Ready but when I take the wire out it will not turn on. I have put the music onto the mp3 player fine but I am stuck. Could someone please hep me out?
steve on April 22, 2008
RE: Iitronic IMP11

I recently had an itronics imp-11 i could'nt get the disc to load.But I have found that if I plug in the player, I get a removeable disc icon named D come up. I can download music through this. Hope this helps. Also if you want to delete songs you can't through this way like others you have to follow this instructions for the player. They do delete this way.
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