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iMP-11 MP3 Player
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iMP-11 MP3 Player

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BikerFee on December 27, 2005
iMP-11 MP3 Player


My hubby bought me this mp3 player for Christmas. On the box it says Built in 128 ~1024MB memory then there is a yellow sticker which says 256MB, so which is it....the 128 or 256?

Also approx how many tracks can you get onto a 128 mb in wma and the same question for 256MB?

I've downloaded my songs onto it, no problems with that. But then I am the last to get an mp3 player in my family, I am almost an expert at this now, lol.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
BikerFee on December 29, 2005
RE: iMP-11 MP3 Player

Guess no one knows then:(
michelle on December 30, 2005
RE: iMP-11 MP3 Player

It also says where u put in the battery what mb the mp3 player is.
Dont know how many songs can be put on it.
I note that u had no problem putting songs on it can you give me your expert advice cause i dont know how to do it

loz on January 13, 2006
RE: iMP-11 MP3 Player

hello im fed up coz i av lots of box set cds like with 3 cds in 1 but i put 1 on an then try to put the other on an its says iv alredy got it on coz it has the same name its sooooo anoyin plz sum 1 help meeeeee ppppppllllzzzzzz
anon on January 18, 2006
RE: iMP-11 MP3 Player

if u used windows media player to rip the cds the go to tools options then go to the rip tab and change file name or just name the files before you rip them
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