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iMP - 11 512Mb
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iMP - 11 512Mb

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Angela on December 29, 2005
iMP - 11 512Mb

I have just bought one of the iMP11 512Mb MP3 Players and dont have a clue what I am doing. The instructions dont help. I have got Windows XP on my computer and dont know how to transfer my CD's onto the computer and then to the MP3 Player, can anyone provide me with an idiots guide? When I plug my USB cable in, the LCD screen has a picture of a computer with a music note on it and a computer file - what does this mean? Not really much of a techno whizz kid as you can tell. Any help to get me started would be great.
Trees on January 19, 2006
RE: iMP - 11 512Mb

Hi Angela,

On your PC double click on your windowns media player icon which should be on your desktop, put a cd into your drive and click on the copy from CD tab on the left of the screen, your cd contents should show up on your screen, untick the songs you don't want to record and when your ready click on the copy cd icon on the top right of the media player screen.
Then all you haver to do is copy them over to your MP3 player which is easy, go into explorer click on the disk that your songs were copied to i.e C:document and folders/your name/my documents/my music they should all come up on your screen, right ckick on the one you want select copy from the drop down menu then right click on the drive your MP3 is on i.e E:removable drive and select paste from the drop down menu, your cd should then be copied to your mp3 player.

Hope this has helped you
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