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Cully on January 4, 2002

Hey, i figured out how to install ,my burner, but i cant seem to figure out how to burn files from napster. Can u please help me? thanks a lot in advance.
Eric Georgieff on January 8, 2002
RE: burning


To burn files you have downloaded from Napster, you should use CD-Writing software that is capable of directly converting MP3s into audio tracks as they are burned or, if your software is only capable of writing uncompressed WAV files to audio tracks, you can get software that converts MP3 files into the WAV format. I personally use Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe, which allows you to simply drag the songs you have downloaded from Napster (which are in MP3 format) onto an Audio CD.

Eric Georgieff
vicky on January 5, 2003
RE: burning

How do i burn the whole cd or can i have cendne nero 48x12x48 speed cd writer
woah whats this on October 12, 2010
RE: burning

lighter fluid
fiya on October 12, 2010
RE: burning

use fire for burning, use some kind of ointment to un burning
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