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Bell on October 21, 2007
RE: hpdeskjet3820

I lost cd for windows 98 can not install my printer hpdeskjet3820 can anyone help me. Thank You
manuel muñoz on November 28, 2007
RE: hpdeskjet3930

necesito un disco, o software para instalar mi copiadora hpdeskjet3930, por favor ayudeme. muchas gracias
muir on February 2, 2008
RE: hpdeskjet3930

is this model a replacement for deskjet 3740
muir on February 2, 2008
RE: hpdeskjet3930

is desk jet 3930 a replacement for desk jet 3740 ?
lazarus naidoo on March 4, 2008
RE: hpdeskjet3820

Hi I need your help to install my hpdeskjet 3820, lost the dics. pls help
Jeremy Murphy on October 22, 2008
RE: hpdeskjet3930

Hi I'm have problems with my hp deskjet 3930, I have eveything hook up correctly, But it's not doing anything went i hit print, it was working at one point, But now it's not doing any thing at all, I have ink in the printer, I just got it refill. What could be wrong.
polenquen on May 30, 2010
RE: hpdeskjet3930

i lost my disk to the 3930 deskjet and need to know where i can get another one to download?
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