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AGP or PCVE video card
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AGP or PCVE video card

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Dave Smith on January 31, 2006
AGP or PCVE video card

I have a Compaq Presario that is almost 3 years old now. The manual says it is an 8000 series.

I need to upgrade my video card and don't know how to determine if I have an AGP or PCIE -- can someone help?

Also, it looks like my present video card is part of the motherboard. Do I need to do anything to disable that one after I get my new one?

Thanks for help with newbie questions.
Fox on February 9, 2006
RE: AGP or PCVE video card

If your video card is onboard, then it doesn't matter whether it is AGP or PCIE; what matters is what slots you have open on the motherboard for a new videocard to plug into. With that said, motherboards these days usually come with a series of 4 or more PCI slots, which are white in color. the uppermost slot is usually reserved for video, and if it is AGP, it may be brown in color and spaced above and slightly to the right of the PCI slots. PCIE slots are spaced above and slightly to the left, and are also longer than the PCI slots. If all you have are PCI slots (all the same color and size, and lined up) they you would have to buy a PCI video card (Not AGP or PCIE). As for drivers, you should just be able to install the card and plug your monitor into it, then turn it on. The computer should understand which one to use, and when you start windows, just install the new driver.
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