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CD-ROM door stuck
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CD-ROM door stuck

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chrissy on March 7, 2006
CD-ROM door stuck

My CD-ROM door won't open. I hit the tray one day while it was open, but then I shut it. The next time I pushed the button to open it, the light started blinking and I heard three clicking noises. Everytime I've tried to open it since then, the same has happened. I've restarted my computer and everything. It has been several weeks. Does anyone know the solution besides ripping my computer apart?
Ian on July 12, 2006
RE: CD-ROM door stuck

1. Straighten a paper clip.
2. Insert end of clip into small hole under tray and press lever while pressing "open" button.
3. Presto!

This is only a temporary fix, and the drive should be replaced if it persists in sticking.
Hamza on June 7, 2010
RE: CD-ROM door stuck

Hi. My cd rom is stuck and it wont read any disk that I inserted into
it. I Have tried the papaerclip trick but it doesn't seem to work.
someone help
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