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iitronics mp3 player
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iitronics mp3 player

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jordan on April 15, 2006
iitronics mp3 player

i have an iitronics mp3 player i think its imp 11 its 128 MB, and i used it in my friends computer now it has stopped working. when i try to listen to music on it it says disk error and when i put it in my pc and try to put songs on it it says insert a disk into drive f even tho the icon is there?! please help thank you.
david addison on April 24, 2006
RE: iitronics mp3 player

sounds like some 1 has formatted your mp3 player mate.....
jordan on April 25, 2006
RE: iitronics mp3 player

ok thanks but wat should i do??
jo on November 17, 2006
RE: iitronics mp3 player

I've lost the instructions to my player, what are all the buttons for?
Help ?
Zalena Harrowell on September 16, 2007
RE: iitronics mp3 player

I've lost the instructions to my player, what are all the buttons for? Help
brad on January 5, 2008
RE: iitronics mp3 player

mate i just got the exact same thing happen to my mp3 player last night...i tried everythingand jus then i went into my computer and found removable disk e or f whichever one yours is in... and double click on it it should say disk drive or something is not formatted... click ok and formatt it... it wont do anything to your comp or mp3 but it will wipe your songs...good luck =)
jess on July 18, 2008
RE: iitronics mp3 player

ive lost instrucons nd ive put songs on it on my computer but when i unplug it from pc and go to listen to the tracks it say there are no tracks any ideas?
waxcat on December 16, 2009
RE: iitronics mp3 player

Hi, I was given this MP3 player with no manual and it's only 256Mb I worked out how to put songs on and they play ok. I've even worked out how to select the diferent modes but not how to use them. Does anybody know if I can increase capacity and update firmware or where I can download a user manual/CD? The official site no longer exists. Please help.
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