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Safe Mode Win98
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Safe Mode Win98

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Ziggy on January 19, 2002
Safe Mode Win98

I have Windows 98 computer. Each time I turn on the computer it tells me to restart it in safe mode. I try to restart it back in normal mode, but the same comment appears. I have tried many methods of getting it back to normal mode, but nothing seems to help. This unables me of using D drive, proper colours and fast connection to other programs. If you could please help me, step by step with instructions I would be most appreciated. Thank You.
Sushant Virdi on October 6, 2003
RE: Safe Mode Win98

Just run scan disk in through mode. this will solve your problem
Derrick on February 12, 2005
Safe Mode Win98

My computer went into safe mode on its own and I can not fiqure out how to bring it back into normal mode. I attempted to find Msdos.sys file but it came up negative on my C drive.
Robin on March 11, 2005
RE: Safe Mode Win98

In case after the scandisk it didn't work, try Defragmentation too...

Good luck.
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