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My CD-RW Wont burn to anything withou cancelling
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My CD-RW Wont burn to anything withou cancelling

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Ian on June 25, 2006
My CD-RW Wont burn to anything withou cancelling

I'm reasonably knowledgeable with computers; hence I’ll try to give a detailed description of my problem.

Well basically, I had a boot sector virus, even though I did have anti virus software.
So i ended up having to use KillDisk to 0 my hard drive.

Ever since reinstalling my system i cannot burn to cds, at all!
I’ve tried using various software (nero 5.5, nero 6, itunes, media player, and even xp's built in program!!) and it just cancels the burn and ruins the cdr, every time.
I’ve tested the cdr's i'm using on another system and they're fine.

So I decided to replace my burner with another one, both are 52/32/52 burners, and i got exactly the same problem!!
It reads cd's fine and there are no issues in device manager!!

I’m stumped!!
Please help!!
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