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Lexmark X1180
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Lexmark X1180

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Polyanna on July 1, 2006
Lexmark X1180

bought this product off ebay and it doesn't have an installation disc with it; can anyone help please ...
stephen goonery on February 18, 2007
RE: Lexmark X1180

i need insallation for x1180
USAN on June 3, 2008
RE: Lexmark X1180

Eric on June 3, 2008
RE: Lexmark X1180

Hi Usan,

If you lost the installation disk for your Lexmark X1180 all in one printer, you can download new copies of the drivers (which is what was on the install disk) from our driver database:

Lexmark X1180 Printer Driver

rikka on November 13, 2008
RE: Lexmark X1180

how to print???????
me on October 6, 2009
RE: Lexmark X1180

how do u photocopy ????????????????????
BernardFaf on May 2, 2021
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