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Compaq Presario 5000 tech issues
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Compaq Presario 5000 tech issues

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Nicolas Freeland on August 1, 2006
Compaq Presario 5000 tech issues

I recieved this computer a while ago from a relitive. I was told it had "fried" and was no longer usable. I was to recover the harddrives contents if possible. That failed.

The Harddrive made very audible clicking noises and would not boot up and gave me a general hardware failure error. I put it to the side and hoped I could get the rest of the PC to work.

I put in two different HD's and nothing worked. I tried different IDE cables, but still no luck. The computer does recognize it is there, but when it boots up it shows the comaq logo and goes to a black screen with a flashing text bar. If I switch the IDE cable to another port on the Motherboard it will instead give me a partition error like cant read partition with some stuff after it. The Harddrive does work as when I put it into another pc it boots up with no problems.

The second Harddrive of the same brand (Western digital) and size (10g) had a different result. It had no OS on it and it instead of working like the previous one, it just kept restarting the computer. I tried booting up with a cd of XP pro and it formated and put windows files on, but then after the required restart it just keps restarting over and over again after it gets to the Compaq logo screen.

I am able to boot from disks, and go into the bios. I have tried removing the battery of the motherboard and reinserting it. I have moderate self trained experience with computers as my working computer (custom) has been successful. Heck, I even name my computers. (Crapzilla, Oldunreliable, Pie, and Angermanagement)

I am hoping somebody can tell me what is wrong with this old computer as it is faster than my current one and I want it to work so I can give away my reall crappy computers.

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