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MP3 Player IMP-65
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MP3 Player IMP-65

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graham on August 15, 2006
MP3 Player IMP-65

just bought mp3 player downloaded cd onto my media player and then transferred it onto my mp3 when it had finished all the songs were on the device showing songs and titles but when i went to play it it keeps coming up saying no authority. also in the top left hand corner of the lcd screen it says DRM in stead of MP3 please could you help....cheers
Denise on January 3, 2007
RE: MP3 Player IMP-65

Did you get an answer to this as I have the same problem
on January 4, 2007
RE: MP3 Player IMP-65

Dear Graham and Denise,

Please keep in mind that the IMP-65 doesn't play DRM protected songs.

The IMP-65 only plays un-protected songs.

There are two major issues where you should be aware of.

1. Music downloads from commercial websites are most likely protected

2. Ripping your CD by Windows Media player will result, by default, to protected MP3 files.

Please check your settings in Windows Media Player, in the option window -> Copy music/Rip Music the tick in Copy Protect music should be removed.


Somebody who knows MP3
Lesley Douglas on November 28, 2007
RE: MP3 Player IMP-65

I Lost The CD To My IMP-65 How Can I Get It To Work On My Computer?
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