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about installing a cd-writer
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about installing a cd-writer

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Dee on May 11, 2001
about installing a cd-writer

I have just purchased a cd-writer. And had a question about installing it. It an Internal. it came with a IDE Cable connector (data cable)and a audio cable. i was reading "Installing a CD-Writer" and was wonder if i still use the ones that came with it or do i use the ones in the puter itself. The IDE Cable that came with it has 3 connectors on it. was wonder what one to use. Top, Middle, or Bottom and were do they connect to. Thank you for your help.

Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer


If the IDE cable that is currently in your computer (the one that is hooked up to your CD-Rom drive) has at least 2 connectors on it, then I would recommend you use that cable, since you won't have to disconnect the one that is already there.

If however, it only has one connector, then you must replace it by the one that came with the CD Writer (the one with 3 connectors on it). You may use any of the connectore you wish. Just hook them up one of those connectors to the back of the CD-Writer.

You should set your CD-Writer as Slave, since the CD Rom drive that is already in your computer is set up as Master (unless you don't already have a CD-Rom drive, in that case, set your CD-Writer as master).

Eric Georgieff
Dee on May 11, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

about connecting the power supply cable. where do i get
that from? Sorry I never did this before. Just making 150% sure that i
know what im doing before i do it. lol So if i use the IDE cable that is
currently in my computer then i wouldent have to connect it to anything
else? Sorry to keep bugging you. But thank you for your help.
Eric Georgieff on May 11, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

There should be some spare power connectors hanging from your power supply. Just plug one of those into the back of the CD-Writer.

If there aren't any left, you may purchase a power splitter from your local computer store, to split on of those power connectors into two.

And yes, if you use the IDE Cable currently in your PC, you don't have to use the one that came with the CD-Writer.

Eric Georgieff
Rob on May 28, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I have just purchased a cd-writer and there was no IDE cable with the writer and there is no spare IDE cale in my computer i have bought a IDE cable and it is to short to fit my writer i went back to the shop and they said it is the only that is available please can you help
Ajay on June 24, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I have a 400MHZ PC and two Hard disks (One 12.1 GB & another 4.3 GB) One CD ROM Drive is also installed. I wish to know how to install a CD Writer and what should be the settings on the Jumper & where to connect the IDE cable.

Eric Georgieff on June 24, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer


For full instructions on installing a CD-Writer in your computer, I suggest you consult our CD-Writer installation guide that is located at:

In your particular case, you will most probably need to set your CD-Writer as a slave drive (check the documentation that came with your writer to find out what jumpers need to be set at the back of the drive to accomplish this) and hook it up to the same IDE cable that your CD-ROM drive is currently hooked up to (if there is only one end on that cable, be sure to purchase an IDE cable that has 2 ends on it).

Eric Georgieff
Eric Georgieff on June 24, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer


The IDE cable you purchased should definitely fit the CD-Writer since all IDE cables are identical. The only thing I can think of is that your CD-Writer is a SCSI drive (and not an IDE drive), in which case you will need to install an SCSI card in your computer (these can be bought for around 50$) and hook up your drive using an SCSI cable (which are usually much wider than IDE cables).

Eric Georgieff
danielle on July 15, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

i have a problem and was wondering if someone can help me. i connected the cd writer into my computer and when i tried to burn a cd my computer would freeze at the time that i put the blank cd on the cd writer rom. my cd writer came with a IDE Cable connector that has 3 connectors on it. i placed one on my cd rom, the middle on the cd writer and the other end on the computer, i did place the cd writer as slave and the audio cable i put one end on the cd writer and the other on the computer. dont know what is wwrong and i would realy appreciate some help. THANK YOU!
Blocky on July 18, 2001
RE: Terrible trouble with a Mitsumi writer.

Please help me... I am having terrible trouble installing a Mitsumi writer. I have tried every way I can think of to install it.

It suggests in the manual to connected to the Secondary IDE as a master with no other componants. I did this - system booted(win98) but no new hardware was found. Checked device manager and the IDE controller had a conflict. I double checked this but the same thing happened. I removed the writer and connected it as a slave to the promary IDE. Windows loaded but no new hard ware found. This time no problem with the secondary IDE controller.

I beleive this may have something to do with the ATAPI facility of the writer. I have installed other componants before with no problem. I have spent 6 hours today trying to sort this out and cannot find a reason.

My spec is as follows:

Windows 98
8.4 gig hdd
500Mhz AMD K62
192 ram
(and cup holder - sorry tech joke).

Does any one have any suggestions for me? I have another machine that is currently out of commission, I may try to fix that tomorrow and get it on to that one.

Your help is appreciated.
Anees on August 20, 2001
RE:CD Writer to Sound Card

Dear Eric: I purchased a LG CD writer and installed as a slave in my computer that has a CDROM drive. But I'm having problems with the sound cable.How do I accomodate the two cables to my sound card. My soundcard has one AUX, TAD and the CD-IN(thats the one that is used).
Therefore, I can get sound from only one CD device, depending on which one has the cabel to the sound card.
John194 on August 20, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

Further to Anees message, previous, I too have bought a LG CD Writer and have had problems with Drive recognition. As with Anees I would be grateful for advice for audio connection for 2 devices. I have one further problem though- My CD software-Easy CD Creator and DirectCD will not load because of missing export file MFC42.dll. What is this file and where should it be? Can I get a copy please?
Thanks in anticpation of your help
Eric Georgieff on August 20, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer


The simple answer to your question is that you cannot, as far as I know, hook up two cd drives to the same sound card. In my personal computer, I have a CD-Rom drive and a CD-Writer, but have only hooked up the CD-Rom drive to the sound card. So when I want to listen to an audio CD in my computer, which is the only time an audio cable will come in use, I simply insert it into my CD-Rom drive and not my CD-Writer. This is not much of an inconvenience since it would not be possible nor enjoyable to listen to two CD's simultaneously.

Eric Georgieff
Eric Georgieff on August 20, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer


A missing dll file error is usually caused by either a corrupt or missing dll file. To resolve this problem, simply reinstall the software in question (in this case that would be Adaptec Easy CD Creator) and the dll should be fixed. If reinstalling the software does not solve the problem, you can always try searching for the dll on the internet using a general search tool such as Google.

I hope this answers your question,

Eric Georgieff
Huning on August 21, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

We just purchased a Hi-Val CD-ReWriteable Drive - 16x10x40x. The physical installation was followed using the slave, however we have 2 existing IDE cables that are not in use. Our computer has a hard disk and a cd-rom drive. We used one of the existing empty IDE cables to hook up to the writer. After installation of the software, we rebooted our system but came up with an error of:
Incd.exefile is linked to missing exportKernel32.dll:GetDiskFreeSpaceExA. When rebooting, our computer shows on the boot screen that the writer is installed, however it is not accessible and can not be found on the system as new hardware. Please Help!!!
Gary on August 23, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I am just wondering why you suggest to put the CD-writer on the same IDE cable as the CD-rom?? Wouldn't that increase the chances of buffer underruns when making a CD-copy on the fly??
What would you suggest I do if I were to add an internal IDE CDW to my system which already has a harddrive and a cd-rom (both are primaries on their respective IDE cable)? I was thinking of moving the CD-ROM to a slave on the IDE with the HD and putting my CDW as a master on the second IDE...What do you think??
Victoria on September 12, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

How do make the Cd Writer slave and the CD Rom Drive master while installing the CD Writer?
nora tuzzi on December 12, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

can omeone please help me everytime i try to launch a disk i get this error that kernel32.dll mising export can someone tell me how to fix this
Emily on December 14, 2001
I m confused!! :( please help me....

i have just bought a new cd writer. it is an internal 1. it came with no cables or anything. so do i take the cd rom out n replace it with this cd writer or what?!?! where can i find the IDE cable and the audio cabel or do i need to go and get 1?!?!
do i need 2 connect it with a power cable too?!?

please reply
i need help!!!! :(:(:(

loadz of luv emily x
mhj on December 17, 2001
RE: about installing a cd-writer

Hi John194
Install adaptec without installing direct cd. Then after rest of software installs reinstall direct cd from direct cd subfolder using setup.exe make sure that you use the same programfiles\adaptec folder
mahendrakumarbisoi on March 14, 2002
RE: about installing two cd-writer in one computer

just send to me how do installing two cdwriter in one computer
mahendrakumarbisoi on March 14, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

i had purchased two cdwriter .i hope installing it in one computer . just tell me with digram how to installing it
jamie on May 3, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

please help as new to all this.i have purchased a CD-RW DVDrom,but i hav'nt got a pc connection for it on the motherboard.i have a toshiba tecra 750 with docking station,iv'e got power to cd rom and place to fit it in docking station,if any one has any help pls let me no.
thank u.
asif on May 14, 2002
how do installing two cdwriter in one computer

i want to install 2 cd writer on one computer any one can help me
Yet Kui on June 10, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I just bought a new CD writer , LG CD-RW GCE-8320B ( 32X 10X 40X ) i'm using windows ME , my windows detected its model correctly, i can read CD from it properly , everything seems fine , however face a problem is that i install so many Softwares of burner like (NERO , CD recording studio , Adaptec direct CD) all of the softwares can't detect any recorders attach on to my computer , why is that so ? is it because Windows ME is not , compatible? please help me as soon as possible,thank you.
Phil Owen on June 30, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I want too change my CD ReWriter A Ricoh Mp7040a for a Philips ReWriter a PCRW 1610 or 2412 too a Iwill 100XA Mother Board Can you tell me how I would Go about this and if you know of any problems that I might face I have a Cd reader as well and I am thinking of replacing my Seagate 2.5 HD for A Maxtor 20.GB
at the same time Can anyone Help Please ?

Jimmy Sim on July 1, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

WEll Phil , just plug off the IDE cable of your old cd-writer to the new one as well as the power cord cable connected to the cd-writer.. for the change of the hard disk , the procedure are still the same just that perhaps if your motherboard is old enough , it might cannot detect your new hard disk , 20GB should be ok..there is nothing u can do if it can't detect , just get a newer motherboard.. that's all i can say...just try it out , just move the cables around..IDE cable is a cable very slim and wide , power cord cable is something smaller but thicker a's easy to recognise , don worry bout it , usually problems won't occur.
Delina Brace on August 4, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I replace my cd writer and now my computer does not see it...on the task bar it shows a sign with a red cirlcles and a line through it for the cd writer and read no direct cd support what does this mean ?? Ans also i notice there is left over in puts on the back of cd writer that read slave master and audio stuff does those need to have a plug in cord or do i just need the two thati have going already in ???? the power one and the long plug wich goes to the other cd rom to the motherboard??? Please help if you can cause i really miss burning cds Thank Delina
Scott on August 6, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I bought the LG CD-RW GCE-8320B. and i don't know if i should replace my CD-ROM drive with this new drive, because when i bought it the they said that i should replace it with my CD-ROM drive because this product is a CD-RW and CD-ROM in one. is this true? if not what should i do?
craig on August 15, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

how do you set a dvd-rom to slave
Jondelll on October 2, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

ok im havin terrible problems well my cd writer doest come with any cords and dont how to set it up plaease help me
nasru on October 10, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

ibought anew cd writer .its of sony's . i installed it once .then when i shuflled my system . so the software was gone . now i have its installation disk but it requires a password . i think the password was on the cd cover but its missing can you help me? please
Waz on November 5, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I have a DVD Drive - Pioneer 16 i think, and a CD-Writer - Philips CDD4801.
I connected the DVD drive as the master and the cd writer as secondary slave, but it doesn't appear in My Computer.
Well, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't .I can't even open the cd tray.
It has worked for the last year without any problems.

I was wondering if it might be a power connector problem with the cd writer. i changed the power cable and it still didn't work. what should i do?

I've checked all the connections about 5 times. The IDE cable is fine, and the DVD drive works fine, but the cd writer doesn't.
David on November 9, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

Im trying to move a CD writer from one computer to a newer one, Ive set it up the same as before but the computer isnt recognising it. The drive is working, I can open and close it, but the computer is having none of it.

Anyone know the problem?
mike C on November 10, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I have installed a Philips 2412 cd-writer, My problem is when after it writes. If you look at the back of the cd, you can tell there is 3 differant areas(or rings) on the cd,and I know there should be two, (the program & and maybe leftover room. The cd changes at the end, and the program on the cd will not work right.

Can someone help?
e Vozeolas on November 22, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

Should the CD-RW be a slave or the master when installing in a computer that already has a CD-Roma drive?

Which is better to have as a master the CD-Rom or the CD-RW?

Thank you
daisy on November 23, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

i just bought an internal cd-RW DRIVE,THE promblem is that i dont know where to install it,do i place it in between my cd-rom and disk drive?,do i have to open my computer and place it in?
big Al on November 26, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I have a problem with installing my CDWR.
I hooked up everything right, but when starting Nero it says Kernel32.dll error, GetDiskFreeSpaceExA and something about Nero not recognizing some equipment. And this is funny while CD-rom and CDWR work fine (as CD-roms) and are recognized in Windows. Hardware check give everything connect fine and humming. I changed drivers already and that doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm using Windows 95? Please advice.
belinda on December 16, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I recently installed a Sony cd/rw. When I shut my system down I get a system error on my cd burner and my A drive. What did I do wrong?
Cheri Martin on December 17, 2002
RE: about installing a cd-writer/dvd-rom

I have a Laptop satellite 1800-400 and have had it for 1 year.
The drive that it came with has stopped working and I was wondering how you remove the old one to make way for the new one, I have taken the computer to bits and still cannot seem to get it out!!
Please can you advise...Im sure I am missing something?
jen on January 3, 2003
RE: about installing a cd-writer

i installed my cd writer as a slave and cd rom as the master but it keeps deleteing my g drive????
Vance Adair on January 3, 2003
RE: about installing a cd-writer

After 3 hours of IDE conflicts I have finally got my pc to recognise the cd-writer (taking the place of the cd rom). I have set it at master jumper setting and put the cd-Rom at slave. I have burned my first CD and everything appears fine EXCEPT: I HAVE LOST ALL AUDIO SOUND. SHOULD I CONNECT THE AUDIO LEAD TO MY SOUND CARD THAT CAME WITH MY CD-WRITEr? IF I DO, SHOULD I DISCONNECT THE SUDIO LEAD FROM THE CD-ROM?

jeanie on January 8, 2003
RE: cdwriter wont accept hpsystem recov. disk

can someone please help me..I bought a philips drw2400 series installed it..It does fine except it will not take hp-recovery disk.. would apprec. any help. thank you

mike on February 5, 2003
RE: about installing a cd-writer

i'm trying to install a cd rewriter into my computer and i'm get a message that reads error 1305error reading from file E:\nero55\nero\cdrom.cfg can someone help me please thanks Mike
Eric Georgieff on June 28, 2003
RE: about installing a cd-writer


It is impossible to install more than 2 IDE devices on the same cable. If you want to install that many drives in your PC, you shall have to buy a seperate IDE controller (in the form of a PCI card) and hook up the third drive to that card using either a single or double ended IDE cable.

Eric Georgieff
Pam Duncan on September 22, 2003
RE: about installing a cd-writer

I tried to install and cd player on my computer. I already have a cd writer. But when I booted up my machine, it only listed one. When I went to eject from explorer, both cd's opened up. What did I do wrong?
Jonny on July 12, 2004
RE: about installing a cd-writer

If you have a double ended IDE cable, once you install
a second CD drive you have to name one Master and
the other Slave. I know it seems weird that the drive
opens but it doesn't come up on My Computer but
name one Master and the other Slave. After that it
should work properly. If you do not know how to do
that please e-mail me.
debbie on July 2, 2005
RE: about installing a cd-writer

ive already got cd-rewriter installed,and it has been working fine but 2days age went to burn cd's and it said no cd re-writer detected please press F5 to refresh it done that but nothing happenes..please help
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