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CD-RW installation problem
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CD-RW installation problem

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Denise on February 23, 2002
CD-RW installation problem

I have attempted installation of a CD-RW today but I must be doing something wrong! I set the CD-RW to slave, the original CD drive to master, used a ribbon cable to connect the CD to the CD-RW and then to the IDE slot that originally had the CD drive...didn't touch the Audio on the CD drive as I still will use that to play music on, put the casing back on and thought everything would be fine. When I turned the PC on, my Hard Drive wouldn't work, so I thought I must have bumped the Hard Drive's IDE connection, so I checked it/reseated it - but it still wouldn't work. In the end I disconnected the CD-RW power and IDE cable and put the original cable back in the CD drive/PC and my Hard Drive is okay but I have no sound! Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what might cause 1)the HDD to not work when the CD-RW was installed and 2) why now, upon reversing the installation process the sound has died? Thanks for your help!
Ricardo LAncaster on June 4, 2002
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Could you give me the step by step installation process for memory, parallel ports, serial ports.
Heath Norvell on July 30, 2002
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Ok. Im just bought a new cd-r today. I installed everything and the cd-r has power and is responding normally. The problem is I dont know how to convert my music off of Kazaa(a free music source) to the cd.Please any one with resonable suggestions please reply. I have tried looking at all the directions and they dont give any results.
MMM.KIYAS on October 6, 2002
CD-RW installation

I want to know "How to install CD-ROM and CD-RW at the same time?"
william Moore on November 6, 2002
RE: CD-RW installation problem

i am having a problem installing the audio cord it burnes but i have no idea where the audio chip is in the tower could you please tell me where the chip is so i can burn the audio to the cd
barra on December 7, 2002
RE: CD-RW installation problem

only problems no solutions:/
Halo on December 13, 2002
Solution to all problems...

I can't believe that no one else has posted any help here. Ok, Denise, first thing, if you have more then one HDD, make sure the HDD and your CD-RW are plugged into the the PRIMARY IDE (same ribbon), if you have 2 HDD's and still want to use both your CD-RW and your CD-ROM, then your CD-RW must be your Master Secondary and the CD-ROM must be the Slave Secondary. Which should also answer the question to MMM.KIYAS. STEP BY STEP INSTALLTION for memory: Turn your Computer off, unplug the power supply, open the case, insert the memory into the DIMM slot (long slinder slot should be close to your CPU usually 2 or 3 really close to each other) make sure that the tabs are open at both ends of the DIMM slot. Then once you are sure that everything is seated correctly put everything back together and turn it on.
Heath Norvell: You don't need to convert anything from Kazaa, look for something about "MUSIC" in the program that you use to burn CD'S (Nero 5.0 is what I use). After you find that, all you have to do is drag and drop the song title into a burn list and once you have put as much music as you can on there, try burning it then. You should have a playable CD.
william Moore: read what I wrote above, you don't need that audio cord. It doesn't do anything in the first place. Music CD's that you listen to, are read just like a Data CD. All you need is to know how to use the program you are using to burn Music.

That's all.
lindy on December 22, 2002
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Hello, This site looks very useful, I have an installation problem, I have an LG 8160B CD/RW and a CD ROM I have installed the CD/RW as per instructions in the manaul but my pc will not recognise it, the original CD is set to master and the new CD/RW to slave can anyone assist please.
Chris on January 8, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I am getting a message after boot up; "Secondary hard disk 0 not found..." I have the CD/RW installed in the same manner as the CD/ROM I removed. It has power, the Drivers are installed, but my computer still says it isn't there... What do I do???
Dave Smith on January 21, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I'm having much the same problem as Lindy posted.

I've installed a CD-RW which is recognised by my system but only as a CD-ROM [it functions perfectly in this respect].

On running the Nero program, it tries to locate a recorder but doesn't find it!


Eric Georgieff on January 21, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Dave Smith,

I once experienced a similar problem using Adaptec Easy-CD Creator. The situation was quickly remedied by reinstalling the software.

It may also be that your CD writing software does not support your particular CD-Writer model. This may arise if your drive model is newer than the software you are attempting to use to create CDs.

To verify if your drive is supported by the latest version of Roxio CD-Creator, please consult their listing. To see if it is supported by Nero Burning ROM, you may view Ahead Software's list of supported recorders.

Eric Georgieff
Junior on April 2, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I replaced a cd-rom for a cd-rw using the same ribbon cable and everything. The problem is it doesn't want to burn cd's, but it stills reads them like if it were a cd-rom. The cd-rw is set to cable... not to neither slaver nor master because that was the configuration for the cd-r. I want to know what's wrong with the installation please.
steve on April 7, 2003
i have a CD burner along w/Kazaa

I am hving a problem with burning CDs. I know how to download the song to my drive, but cannot burn or transfer to the CD. I really have not tried to yet, because i don't know the method of burning.
sha on June 17, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

after connecting my new CD-RW, I am able to listen to music. My CD-RW perfoms as well as a CD-Rom. My problem occurs while trying to copy a cd, it creates an image of the source while attempting to burn and does not actually write to the cd. After the image has been created, I try to burn/write the image but it only recreate's the image.
Al on June 24, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I have tried to install CD-RW in addition to already existing CD-ROM. I tried different combinations of both connected with the cable (running from IDE , initially leading to CD-ROm) leading to CD-ROM and branching to CD-RW:

1) CD-ROM master, CD-RW slave
2) CD-ROM slave, CD-RW master
3) CD-ROM master, CD-RW master.

In all these cases the computer either did not load the CD drives ( theer were no CD shown in computer window), or simply did not boot up.

What should I do?
al on June 25, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I installed by CDRW but I think i got the master and slave things wrong. Now the mouse and the keyboard don't work. And at start up it says something about no information systems. I just got it two days ago and already its screwed up.
garret on June 26, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

i have songs downloaded on KAZZA but i don't know how to burn it on to a cd. if anybody can give me some info on how to do that, it would be great.
Ashley Simon on July 7, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Should i replace my cd-drive with the cdrw in order to begin burning cds.
david on July 8, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I have my cd-rom and cdr-w plugged in, but when i start up the computer it saids secondary hard disk 0 not found and secondary hard disk 1 not found, neither of my drives or responding their turned on and open but they won't work, can someone tell me why?
Lindsay on July 19, 2003
Kazaa cd burning info

i would like to burn a cd off of kazaa but the files won't convert so i can burn them...can anyone help?
Magic on August 20, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

To burn music you get off of Kazaa onto CD, use Nero, > click download and download the free tiral version of it. Then Purchase it you cheap bastards.

For the CD-R/RW problem, when u find ur answer tell me, cause im looking for the answer. my drive aint being detected, is it drivers? FUCK cause i bought this 2nd hand w/o drivers. laterz.
Kiven on October 13, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

There is only one solution with that iso-problem "please insert original blblbala CD 1"

I tryed everything but there was only one solution: just download another iso files, and if it still doesn't work, download another one, there are many iso files who sucked and causes us much energy and stress
TK on October 13, 2003
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I tried to install Samsung CD RW to a computer that already had a CD-ROM. Original CD ROM set to CABLE SELECT, rather than to MASTER or SLAVE. Computer will not boot up after I installed CD RW. I have tried following combinations, none worked:

CD-Rom--Master, CD-RW--Slave
CD-Rom--Cable Select, CD-RW--Slave
CD-RW--Cable Select (without CD-ROM)
CD-RW--Master (without CD-ROM)

CD-Rom is on top of CD-RW, so difficult to make CD-Rom Slave, CD-RW Master

I want to just use CD-RW without CD-Rom

jayesh on October 24, 2003
HDD and CD ROM Installation Error

I am using p4 machine and i have 2 HDD, 1 CD ROM and 1 CD RW at first all the things dedecting but now it is not dedecting full, i think it is a connection problems that i connected is not correct .
so please send the correct procedure for connecting 2 HDD and CD ROM and CD RW
Asael on November 4, 2003
Data verification ¡¡¡FAILS!!!

I have lost more than 20 cd´s, I own a LG combo cd-rw/dvd-rom DVD GCC 4320-B on an athlon with 256 mb of ram.

The problem is that it seems to copy fine to the cd, but always fails in the data verification, off course when I check it over the windows explorer, there is nothing, or some times, only appears a fake cd track.

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions. I just can´t keep losing more cd´s.

leo on February 21, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I really dont know what I am doin wrong. I put all the conections where they go, but my computer has trouble starting up. Can you help me with this problem. Thank you
Leighann on March 1, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I also just installed a cd-r/rw and the computer is reading the drive but the drive isnt reading any cd's ,any help would be appretiated.
shakeel on March 27, 2004
data verification failed

i am getting same problem. it seems to copy fine to the cd but failed on verification. nothing found on cd in explorer.

wiating for any solution
Aaron on June 4, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

I have a problem with my cd-rw. I have just purchased a new cd-rw and i putted the cd-rw as a master and the Dvd rom as slave. At first everything was allright but then i formatted the computer and problems begin from there. since the format my cd-rw was reading everything. The problem is that when I insert an empty or non-original cd into the cd-rw the computer will crash and when i pulls the cd out the computer wil come again normally. But when I insert an original cd it will read it normally.

Can anyone help cause i'm going mad
Ananda on June 22, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Thanks in advance for any help.
I purchased a new LG CD RW drive with NERO EXPRESS software.The Drive is working fine as CD drive, but when I install NERO EXPRESS FOR RW functionality, it gives an error " THE NERO EXPRESS completely not installed. THe system is not updated".

Can I know what is the problem here.
My system is PIII 800 Mhz, intel with ASUS board. I request for help.
Mary on July 15, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

well i have instaled the cd rw and now my cd rom does not want to work. it does not open everytime nor does it read the cds. does it have anything to do with the fact that the cd rw is internal? if not what can i do to fix it?
sivaprakash on August 18, 2004
CD RW installation problem

I am using 2HDDs and 1 CD RW in my system.
There is a prblem like
"The driver is loaded properly, but the registry entry for CD RW is damaged or corrupted"
Pls mail me if u know the solution.
My id is
Pls hurry.

Concerned Citizen on October 3, 2004
Drive Installation Basics

OK folks, I don't guarantee this will solve any-or-all of your problems, but here's how IDE drives should generally be installed in a PC:


If you have 1 x hdd and 1 x CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW...

*** Plug the connector at the "long" end of a ribbon cable into your motherboard's PRIMARY IDE0/1 slot (some motherboards mark the slots as IDE0 and IDE1, others as IDE1 and IDE2). Then plug the other end of the cable into the hdd. Set the hdd jumper to MASTER. Cable select (CS) is buggy, even with new components, so MASTER is recommended. NOTE: MASTER devices *always* use the END connector, not the middle one.

*** Plug the connector at the "long" end of another ribbon cable into the SECONDARY IDE1/2 slot (refer above) and the other end into the CD/DVD. Set the CD/DVD to MASTER (refer above).

*** Don't let your SECONDARY IDE1/2 channel go to waste by connecting your hdd and CD/DVD on the same cable on your PRIMARY IDE0/1 channel. If you only have one cable, go out and beg, borrow, buy or steal another. Your computer will love you for it (and work a lot better too!).

*** Connect the Molex power cables to the drives, then restart your system. Hit DEL/F1/F2 key or whatever your particular system requires to access the BIOS, and when open, check that the hdd and CD/DVD are both MASTER on IDE0/1 and IDE1/2 respectively. If your BIOS displays no drive info, just AUTO, select each IDE channel and hit ENTER. This will bring up the details (though it's not necessary to see them generally, as the BIOS will figure it all out for itself).

*** Save and exit, and you should be good to go. If you are still having problems, even after setting your drives up like this, then you have other issues. At least you know that your drive configuration is correct...


If you have 2 x hdds and 1 x CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW...

*** Plug the connector at the "long end" of a ribbon cable into the IDE0/1 slot (refer above) and the other end into the first hdd. Set this hdd to MASTER (refer above). Connect the other connector on the ribbon cable (the one closest to the first hdd, not the motherboard) to your second hdd. The second hdd should be set to SLAVE. Opinions differ, but I've always had more success when the hdds share one IDE cable/channel.

*** Plug the connector at the "long end" of a ribbon cable into the IDE1/2 slot (refer above) and the other end into the CD/DVD. Set the CD/DVD to MASTER (refer above).

*** Enter the BIOS as previously, and check all is well.


If you have 2 x hdds and 2 x CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW...

*** Connect the hdds as above.

*** Connect the CD-RW/DVD-RW as MASTER on IDE1/2. Writers should always be the MASTER on an IDE channel. Refer above for how to do that.

*** Connect the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM as SLAVE (middle ribbon-cable connector) as per instructions above.

*** Enter the BIOS and check the settings, as above, and you're all finished.

NOTE: If you are connecting a CD-RW *and* a DVD-RW (ie, two writers, not a writer and reader) then it *probably* won't matter which one you set as MASTER and SLAVE. If you have problems, swap them around and see if it helps. Give preference to the one you'll be writing with most often.


So, to recap:

*** The connector at the "long" end of the ribbon-cable (ie, the one furthest from the other two) always plugs into the slot on the motherboard.

*** The IDE channels are sometimes labelled as IDE0 and IDE1 on some motherboards, and as IDE1 and IDE2 on others. The lowest number is your PRIMARY IDE channel.

*** It's (usually) best to put two hdds on the same cable, as MASTER and SLAVE. Debate rages, but I stand by this.

*** Don't bother fooling around with Cable Select (CS), it's buggy. Always use MASTER and SLAVE jumper settings.

*** MASTER devices always use the END connector (at the end of the cable with the two connectors closest together). SLAVE devices always use the middle connector.

*** CD/DVD writers should always be set as the MASTER on the second IDE channel (ie, not on the same as the hdd/hdds).

*** If you are only connecting two devicesd (eg, 1 x hdd and 1 x CD/DVD) use two cables and both IDE channels. Don't place them both on the same cable/channel as MASTER and SLAVE. It wastes a channel and will slow your system down.


I hope this LOOOONG post helps somebody out there!


My e-mail is googolplex***@***operamail***.com

(Remove the ***s...)
Nelpie on November 24, 2004
RE: DVD ROM/CD-RW installation problem

I have just install a dvd rom/cd-rw to my system (win98)which has 2 hdd and 1 cd rom.
Everything worked ok, however when I loaded WinMe onto my system the computer stops at Verify DMI ...
When I remove the power lead from the dvd the computer boots ok, when i reconnect the power lead when windows is running it freezes again.
Setting which worked fine with 98
hdd1....primary master
cd rom......primary slave
hdd2.....secondary master
dvd rom....secondary slave

Can anyone help.
Vivien on November 25, 2004
RE: CD-RW problem

I have a problem with my cd-rw.this is what happened. All of a sudden the CDRW H: drive is in My computer I can't install software, run CD software or play music. it see like hard disk drive.But in the Properties the device Status: show that this device is working properly.How to solve this problem????

Can anyone help.
Mike M on December 1, 2004
RE: CD-RW installation problem

Thanks in advance for any help.
I have a LG CD-RW, i wasnted to insatll it on OS windows 2000 NT ( the computer is not acting as part of a Net work), i connected every thigs and the HD recognise it. the only problem, it been recognise onlt as another CD, i can open program with it but it does not act as CD-RW.
please explain to me waht can be the problems
David on March 21, 2005
RE: CD-RW installation problem

The second cord on the back of the cd burner is unpluged. I cant burn any cds if I plug that cord in will I be able to burn cds.
pramilpp on September 25, 2005
RE: CD-RW installation problem

i installed cd rom and cd writer that time already show there .but now some time not not showing cd writer what is a problem please tell me
rosemary on November 13, 2005
RE: CD-RW installation problem

when i try to burn a cd a box appears that says There are no supported recorders available,but every thing is connected as befors but i don't have a nero cd to download again. what should i do?
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