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Lost Data
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Lost Data

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Elmo Mouton on December 6, 2006
Lost Data

Hi. I have recently bought a 2gb IITronics MP3 Player. I was
copying music onto the player, and deleted a music folder.
The next moment when I tried to copy another file, I got a
message saying that there is not enough spage to copy the
file. I then deleted quite a few files from the player (worth
about 20mb). I then tried copying a folder (5mb to be
exact) and I still got the message. I then decided to clean
my player of all music. I tried a last attempt at copying only
that one folder to the player, but to no success. I still get a
message telling me that there is not enough spage to copy
the folder. What can I do to copy music to my mp3 player?
I've checked the player info to see how much space is
there. There was suppose to be 1.95gb left, but instead
there was 3.5mb. I cant copy any music to the player
anymore. Please help>
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