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A: drive
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A: drive

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Richard on April 20, 2007
A: drive

I have a disk stuck in my A: drive. I have pushed the eject button and it dosent work. My computer sounds like its eating the disk. if I pull it out will it damage my computer?

thank you
Eric Georgieff on April 21, 2007
RE: A: drive

Hi Richard,

The worst you could do is to damage your floppy disk drive, which is only worth around 10$ anyways. So go ahead and try to pry the diskette out using a flat head screw driver or anything else you can think of. If you do end up ruining the drive, which is unlikely, you can easily buy a new one from your local computer shop to replace the old one. Just open your computer case, take out the old diskette drive (remove 4 screws, the power cable and the data cable), slide the new drive in, reconnect the 2 cables that you removed from the old drive and put the 4 screws back in. Not too hard to do.

Eric Georgieff
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