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unbloking sites
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unbloking sites

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Kerry on May 2, 2007
unbloking sites

at my school tere are loads of proxys and websites blocked can anyone help i wanna go on bebo
Eric Georgieff on May 2, 2007
RE: unbloking sites

I used to have the same problem at my high school. The solution we found was to install our own proxy servers on our computers at home and route through those.

So basically, install a proxy server on your home computer and leave your computer on all the time and ensure your internet connection is always on. (so this will only work with some sort of dedicated high speed internet connection such as cable or DSL). Then determine what your home computer's IP address is. Then go to school, and set up the browser there to use your proxy server. To do this in Internet Explorer you will have to go Tools > Internet Options... Then click the Connections tab and then the Lan Settings... button. There you can configure what proxy server the browser will use.

This will not work, however, if your school prevents you from accessing the proxy configuration section in your browser or if they are already routing you through their own proxy server (in which case, removing their proxy server and replacing it with yours will most likely not allow you to access the internet).

If either of these situations prevent you from routing through your home proxy, you could install a webserver on your home computer instead of a proxy server. A good web server is Apache (available for free at Then, install PHP (available at to work with the web server. Then learn a little PHP (there is a manual at the PHP website) and write yourself a little script that lets you enter any web address into a web form and fetches the content for you. Essentially, you would be writing a web-based proxy and hosting this on your home computer.

The key, regardless of the route you choose to follow, is to host stuff on your computer at home through your high speed internet connection. Your school board merely blocks websites that it knows about, but since it doesn't know about your home computer (e.g.:, if happens to be your IP address at home) it will not block it.

This is the only way we found to outsmart the board of education. It requires some effort and resources, but it could be worth it.

Eric Georgieff
Eloisa on May 18, 2007
RE: unbloking sites

Thank you Eric.
This will hopefully help, the blocking at schools is stupid, they even block harmless sites like the FLorence Nightingale homepage. Like there's porn on that!
I was going to download a server onto my memory stick, then use that to surf the net at school instead of their server. Would this work, it was a suggestion from a friend.
tay-tay on January 21, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

thanks eric but thats to confusing for me :S
farid on May 4, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

i am iranian our tyrant rejime blocked many web
i want some proxy on my mail.please help me
kia ora on May 12, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

omg ive tried all
da sites on hea bt
none ov dem r working HELP
bob on June 15, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

omfg!! there are loads of sites my school knows about. wat are the accual names of the sites, plz can u help me
??? on July 1, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

dus neone no any proxies ???/
Asad on July 1, 2008
RE: unbloking sites

i neeed a web site a.s.a.p to unblok bebo and my space thankz
????? on March 30, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

it sucks we need to make a new unblocked web sitrs lol
Laura on April 3, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

sintia on April 21, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

omg central has so plz
yeaa son on May 21, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

i don't even kno.
Send me some really good NEW proxies and i'll love you forever.
Pwincess on July 1, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

Laura none of them work ive tried them all.
and a gd unblock site is it wroks but it is sort of slow.
anyone know any good sites that work not 1nes uve made up.

tapp bk.
SEXY_EMO_CHICK on November 20, 2009
RE: unbloking sites

Shawntell on March 10, 2010
RE: unbloking sites

People should not block myspace and facebook because its a way for friends and family to keep in touch with each other
afsal on November 18, 2010
RE: unbloking sites

Romeo7star on January 16, 2011
I wanna unbloking sites ....


send me

allenr on May 6, 2011
RE: unbloking sites

i fucking hate blocked sites
koaung on July 18, 2011
RE: unbloking sites

Anhh on July 26, 2021
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