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downloading mp3 files
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downloading mp3 files

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sandy on May 5, 2007
downloading mp3 files

got a diablotek portable player with SD 1G card and plug it in the usb drive of my pc and click on mycomputer icon but nothing appears, not a folder. how do I download music?
Eloisa on May 18, 2007
RE: downloading mp3 files

To download any music, you need the computer to recognise the mp3.
Did you try opening your MyComputer and finding the Removable Disc?
If so, then check your connection where the mp3 is, to make sure it is proparly in.
If it still doesnt work, it sounds like either the mp3 or the computer's connection port is faulty, and you should get it checked.
Once you get the comp to recognise it, just drag the music files you want into the folder.
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