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help needed with my cd writer
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help needed with my cd writer

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RAV ~HELP NEEDED~ on May 30, 2007
help needed with my cd writer

i am trying to burn a CD onto a CD-R but each time i try it just keeps saying "please insert a disk into drive d (D:) which i have and some reason it's not locating it but it does locate other disks such as DVD's and CD's with songs on them ect... but just not a CD-R can any1 help me thanks in advanse
lyneesa on February 28, 2009
cd/dvd drives not working

my cd/dvd drives dont seem to reconize any software disk that i put in. they keep aking me to "insert a disk into drive" when theres already one in. I did just have my pc completely cleaned out due to a virus,but have put everything back on including pc drives which i did from my pc restore cds, but that is the only time the cd drive has worked. i have inserted a software disk and then gone to my computer and C: to look at my cd/dvd drives to see if it shows the software in the drive there, but it doesnt. Do you have any idea how i can resolve this? thank you :) PS even my external usb floppy disk drive isn't working.
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