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Problem with Pasario 5000 series
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Problem with Pasario 5000 series

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Jon on June 2, 2007
Problem with Pasario 5000 series

I tried upgrading my Windows ME to Windows XP, and I did the "clean installation", because I think there was something wrong with the Me edition. And when it formats the drive, and restarts, XP setup is supps ose to come back up and finish the setup, after restarting but it says, press any key to boot from cd, a then it says, NTLDR: couldn't open drive, then I had people at microsoft tell me to get more memory, so I got 416 mb of memory on my computer now, and it still does it, gives me the same message, and I put in the HP diagnostic cd, and it sayed everything on the computer passed, and then I was looking on there about a list of stuff on the computer, and the only thing I seen was it sayed BIOS Information, and it had a list below it of things that sayed "yes", and sayed "no", and it sayed ATAPI Zip boot support-no, and I know during the windows xp setup it says something about atapi, and then i tried going to the bios screen by tapping delete, and I don't know what I need to do in there to fix this, but I've been working on this issue for over a week now, and could really use someone's advice on howto fix this problem, thank-you very much
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