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.lrc for mp3 players
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.lrc for mp3 players

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Jay Smith on November 1, 2007
.lrc for mp3 players

My Iitronics mp3 player instructs i can download .lrc files as the same name as the song name and it should show the lyrics on the screen, but it's not showing up!

What do you do to make it work?
Jay Smith on November 1, 2007
RE: .lrc for mp3 players

Also how do you download them?

The websites are in chinese!

i have 1 .lrc file but if i want modern .lrc files for my songs it's chinese website that can't translate to english
jekie on January 5, 2009
RE: .lrc for mp3 players

i want one to but i don't know were is it if you know says me that please !!

in this :
rooky on October 27, 2010
RE: .lrc for mp3 players

from were should i download the lrc. files ?
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