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lexmark printer 1185
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lexmark printer 1185

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Steve Gardner on November 26, 2007
lexmark printer 1185

I have gotten a new computer and need to know how to get the printer loaded up to it. I lost the disc after loading it in to my other computer.
Eric Georgieff on November 26, 2007
RE: lexmark printer 1185

Copies of the printer drivers for the Lexmark 1185 all-in-one inkjet printer for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Vista 64-bit Edition have been posted above. Please download the version that corresponds to the operating system you are running.


Eric Georgieff
carolyn childress on May 22, 2008
RE: lexmark printer 1185

I am having no sucess installing my lexmark1185 printer to my new vista windows, it keeps saying something about the spooler.
johnson kenneday on June 27, 2008
RE: lexmark printer 1185

this is the one of the most worst printer.
vaibhav on November 4, 2009
RE: lexmark printer 1185

i want driver for printer lexmark 1185
Eric on January 10, 2017
Here are the download links:
Lexmark x1185 Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 Printer Driver (24 mb)
Lexmark x1185 Windows Vista Printer Driver (35.6 mb)
Lexmark x1185 Windows Vista 64 bit Printer Driver (52.8 mb)
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