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video card and CDR driver vanished suddenly
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video card and CDR driver vanished suddenly

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Anindita Sen on December 5, 2007
video card and CDR driver vanished suddenly

After I reformatted my hard disc and loaded XP/ SP2, IE7 ... the computer cannot read my cdr (LG GCR-8523B) anymore and my lcd monitor cannot be recognised either. It keeps coming back as" video card " not installed properly. I feel its the driver that isnt getting recognised at all.Also, inspite of having two perfectly working speakers well connected, it says there are no speakers installed to the machine.I have tried to follow email strings in this site and solved a few other problems that were stopping me from using the Outlook Express to download my hotmail. BUt this problem is not getting resolved at all. Have also tried downloading a driver for the CDR but cudnt find any on the web. I am not a technical person and am using my machine to work from home.
My screen is garbled and the display cannot be increased above 1 bit.Please help urgently.

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