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HP LASERJET 4200C doesn't start
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HP LASERJET 4200C doesn't start

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Fred Fresaz on January 1, 2008
HP LASERJET 4200C doesn't start

HELP ME!!! I've installed the HP laserjet 42ooC and now that I'm done it won't start up. It shows me the small hp laserjet screen but then it doesn't continue to open the program so I can run a test or maybe scan something. I'm looking at this small screen for over 25 minutes now. This scanner is a real POS!!

Thanks in advance!!
Pam Metea on September 14, 2008
RE: HP LASERJET 4200C doesn't start

Scanner 2 documents. Then closed the scanner screen. I did not shut down the computer. When I clicked on the Scanner ICON again the message "unable to locate scanner" appears and the scanner just clicks. I have gone to the HP website and re-loaded the driver and software and still am unable to scan.
Eric on September 14, 2008
RE: HP LASERJET 4200C doesn't start

Hi Pam,

Have you tried looking in the Device Manager to see if everything is all right with the device?

Go Start > Settings > Control Panels. Then open the System control panel, then go to the Hardware tab and click on the "Device Manager" button.

View the properties of the Laserjet 4200C and look to see if anything is indicated there.

You could try removing the device from there (i.e. from the device manager) by right clicking on it and selecting "Uninstall" from the context menu that appears. Then scan for new hardware by running the "Add Hardware" wizard from the control panel.

Also try rebooting your computer.

If you are unsuccessful, it could be a hardware problem, in which case you would have to return your Laserjet 4200C to Hewelett-Packard to have it serviced.

Let me know if you find a way to resolve this issue.

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