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Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

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Dave on May 14, 2008
Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

I have a Compaq Presario Desktop Computer.

I wanted to do a system restore on it. I created the 6 system restore disks.

I put in disc one...rebooted the computer and followed the instructions for a full restore-- which should wipe the partition and hardrive clean

Now, it boots of the 1st cd--

Here's how far I get:

"No operating system installed or partition corrupted.
Press "R" to perform a full system Recovery."

So, i press 'R' and it starts to sound like its working... the fan speeds up- and at the bottom of the screen it says:
Preparing recovery partition---please wait--

Now-- here's the frustrating part-- it got about 40% through the screen... and the fan shuts off and it goes no further--

I reboot and try again-- with the same results--

Please help!! i don't think my recovery discs are bad b/c I've done this once before and it worked fine.

Thanks for the help--
Eric on May 14, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

Hi Dave,

What version of Windows are you trying to re-install?

Although I don't know much about the compaq restore process, I might be tempted just to reformat the traditional way. In other words, create yourself a boot disk (maybe by using one of the images available at Then boot up using that boot disk in your floppy drive and reformat the computer (using the format and fdisk commands). Then insert a Windows CD into your CD-ROM drive and run the setup.exe file on there.

Hopefully someone else has a better answer.

al on June 22, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

i have apresario compaq desktop pc
can i use my acer recovery cd for it?
Eric on June 25, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

Hi Al,

I'm not 100% sure, but I would bet you might run into some problems if you try to use your Acer recovery CD for your compaq desktop PC. I would try reformatting the Compaq Presario computer manually (i.e. boot up using a boot disc or a Windows bootable CD) and installing a fresh copy of Windows. This would require you to purchase a new copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista from the store and to install it. It may no longer be possible to purchase Windows XP since Microsoft is trying to move everyone over to Windows Vista.

Jim on November 16, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

Hi how do i do a full fresh reinstallation of xp on compaq presario sr2000? Do i press esc as the comp starts up for boot menu and select the disc drive or is there another way? Want to make sure its a clean installation so that the hard drive is formatted,I have all my crap removed to external hard drive so i want to wipe the thing clean, thanks in advance for any help
Eric on November 16, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

Hi Jim,

If you have a bootable Windows XP installation CD you should be able to just place the CD into your driver and reboot the computer. It should then boot off of your Windows XP installation CD and enter the Windows XP setup utility. The setup utility will allow you to reformat and repartition your hard drives so that you can perform a clean re-install of Windows XP on your Compaq Presario sr2000.

Jim on November 16, 2008
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

Eric, thank you.Followed your advice and it worked thank you for your help.
donnie on January 26, 2009
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

what are the steps in restoring a Compaq presario
miss gay universe 09 on April 20, 2009
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

My computer is still working but i want to reformat my computer because of so many viruses. I lost my Cd recovery . How will i start by using the F keys in order to go through? can any anybody help. i appreciate your love, sweet,kind, handsome, oozing with sex appeal.

thank you very much...
angel on May 2, 2010
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

i need help plzzz !my compaq preasrio starts up good but whenever i log on ,it loads my personal settings and everything but it says "this copy of windows must be activated with microsoft before you can log you want to activate windows now ?"and if i put yes i see my home screen but it says windows is already activated and it says to click ok to exit and when i exit it just logs me off.and when i choose no,it still logs me off.well i hope you know how to fix this ,thanks
david on March 29, 2011
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

my computer is in Spanish and i talk in english but that is not the only thing is wrong my computer keeps going out to the blue screen
Blake on August 11, 2011
RE: Compaq Presario System Restore- HELP!! PLZ

A good way of restoring you COMPAQ i find is to press f11 as soon as you restart your computer then a restore page will come up and give you a choice to backup i personally dont back up files because you able to recover the internet unless its personal then get a usb drive to transfer gets the system recovery a better chance of being succesfull. Also after your done the computer will be reset to when you bought it
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