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Mike Street on December 9, 2002

i have tried many a times to fix my cd-rw drive somethings have been helpful some things haven't.
i have an LG GCE-8160B CD-RW drive it does not read any kind of cds always tells me the "Drive is not read" and says in the device manager it is installed but when the computer is restarted it recognizes it as a CD-ROM dive.
i have tried all the firmware updates and driver updates recommended. i have clean installed my whole computer to fix it and it still doesn't work.I am running Windows 98 with adaptec ecdc 4.03c_s12 and direct cd 3.03c_s12.
i have already tried the LG help service the didnt seem to want to help me now says there is no supported cd-rw drive

i will appreaciate help in any way shape or form
Teresa AS on May 5, 2003

I need a driver for LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8160B for Windows XP.
Windows keeps telling me that i have a new hardware and cannot find the appropriate driver.
Would you mind to send me it on my e-mail.Thank you.
Jody on July 7, 2011

Learning a ton from these neat artciles.
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