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No sound on my PC
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No sound on my PC

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no sound on May 26, 2008
No sound on my PC

Unfortunately I have no sound or audio on my computer unless it is with iTunes or windows media player. It's quite perplexing that I have sound on those and not the others *because clearly my speakers are correctly installed and in place* I have tried figuring this out and nothing is helping. I have Windows XP and a Service Pack 2. Super confused at why this doesn't work. It would be so awesome if someone could help me out.
Eric on May 26, 2008
RE: No sound on my PC


That is indeed perplexing. Do you know what kind of sound card is in your computer?

So if you go under Sounds and Audio Devices in the Control Panel, and try to play one of the sounds there, you don't hear anything? Like if you try to play the "Asterisk" sound. What applications have you tried playing sound with without any success? What types of sound files were you playing?

no sound on May 27, 2008
RE: No sound on my PC

i think i don't get sound either under that. but under sounds my "sound scheme" is windows default scheme. Under the audio tab i have "SOUND PLAYBACK- modem #0 Line Playback"
"sound Recording- Modem #0 Line Record"
"MIDI music playback- Microsoft GS wavetable SW Synth."

things such as music or sound on youtube... anything online pretty much including games or anything like that. Also, the music doesn't play on pages such as myspace or such.
Eric on May 27, 2008
RE: No sound on my PC


Do you have any other options other than "Modem #0 Line Playback" in the pull down menu under Sound Playback, Default Device (in the Sound control panel)?

It looks like your system may be set to playback sound through the modem sound output rather than your sound card.

jansen on November 6, 2008
RE: No sound on my PC

my computer is doing exactly what is said above. how can i fix it or can you help me? i had sound now i dont.
need help on November 6, 2008
RE: No sound on my PC

my computer is doing the same thing as the persons above. i had sound from all sources now i only get sound from media player can you help.
Joe Pane on August 15, 2009
RE: No sound on my PC

i went to audio tab in my sounds and audio devices and i have no playback devices. please help!
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