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Lexmark Z25 printer
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Lexmark Z25 printer

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linda K on June 27, 2008
Lexmark Z25 printer

Have Lexmark X25 printer and installation software but it will not install onto my Acer Windows Vista Home Premium laptop. Please help
Eric on June 27, 2008
RE: Lexmark Z25 printer

Hi Linda,

Unfortunately it would appear that Lexmark has not yet created a Windows Vista driver for the Lexmark Z25 printer. Until they do, it will most likely not be possible to print on that printer from Windows Vista.

Kay on January 18, 2009
RE: Lexmark Z25 printer

My printer has started printing in very tiny letter's. It did at one time print larger where I could read it..Help, I don't know what happened, and don't know how to correct it. Thank's
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