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CD-RW Problems?!?!?
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CD-RW Problems?!?!?

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James Caldera on January 2, 2003
CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Hi, I have a LTR-24102B ( 24X/10X/40X )(lite on CDRW) and have been burning cd's succesfully for a year and a half or so. all of a sudden it stopped recognizing cd's (last activity was burning mp3 as data which worked)after it stopped accepting cd's (all kinds including software cds, and audio/cd-r's) i tried flashing the bios to the latest and greatest, and now the cd's don't spin within the drive itself. Windows Recognizes the cd-rw with no faults but can not read cd's. Is there anything i can do?
Oly on January 24, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Sounds like your drive failed to me. Is there any activity light when you try to read the cd? Try deleting it from the device manager and reinstalling the most up to date drivers for it. What software are u using to burn cd's...maybe try another for the hell of it.
James Caldera on January 24, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Yes the light comes on, and beeps, indicating there is power, but i don't hear the motor run, I imagine that the motor died, but what i have tried to do is remove it from device mangler, power down the machine, disconnect IDE cables, Power up without the CD-R.
made sure all instances of the cd-r were not there (that I could find)
then power'd down again, reconnected the IDE, and power to the CD-r, rebooted, went through the add hardware wizard, and updated the firmware.

no Good senior, I think I am just going to replace it, they are reasonably cheap these days.

I was using nero by the way.
T_BONE on January 26, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Hi, I have a TEAC 48/12/48 CD-RW and I am having some problems with it.I can burn any kind of cd's except cd rewritables at 4x.I tried burning a rewritable cd at 10x and it worked with no problems.Can anybody tell me what is the problem with it
philly b on February 17, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I have a sony crx210e1 cdr-rw and its playing up,it takes 8 minutes and sometimes longer after you start copy,to get off zero and start burning then it sometimes finalizes and sometimes not and slows write up,tried nero,clone and easy cd creator 5 and they all act the same
can anyone help
its driving me nuts
J Johnson on March 12, 2003
CD-RW problem

I have been burning cd's sucessfully since i got my computer. Now for some reason the drive will not burn cds. I have tried three different programs to burn. They go half-way then quit. It still reads cds fine. Any suggestions?
Cory on April 3, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

One. James why didn't you call your all knowing computer god? whahahaha just thought I would raz you! anyhow from looks of things the drive failed. just get a new one. iis a good place to look you can get one way cheep there! for the person with the soney drive the soney drives are bad news! and the only program I have found to work with them is the program that soney ships with the drive.
have a good one!
Oh ya james if you have any more questions give me a call!
Dr. Johnson on April 3, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I was reading up on your CD-RW problam and thought about this. Did you take the drive out and remove the top of the drive? some times if you move the heads with your hand and then replace the top of the drive before re- installing the drive in your box the drive might work. at times the heads just get stuck making the drive stop running. most of the time that is all we have to do here to make a drive work. It's werth a shot! let us know what you think.

Dr. Johnson
lautrecT on April 3, 2003
burning speed slow

hi, I wonder if anyone here can help me about my LG GCE 8520-B CDRW. my problem is burning speed. I can burn a cd about 10 minutes and everyone says this is too maximum speed is 48x and it also takes too much time too. I dont have an idea about what the problem is. also when I try to copy entire disc it takes about 20 minutes.I will be very glad if you can help me..
Cory on April 3, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

sounds like it might be the software. what program are you using? did you try to re-install the program and see if it fixes the problam? if so did you try another program? let me know and you can E-mail me if you would like to know of a good program to use. I have a fue of them around here that you can try.
lautrecT on April 6, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

ý use nero. people say that it is the best. and ý have friends who use nero like me but there is no problem for them
Cory on April 6, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

well you might want to try something other then Nero. it is a good program but it will help us to find just what is wrong. I would try Roxio if you wish to download it or if you want you can download ATI and see if it works too. if using a program like Roxio or ATI and it works fine then it is a software problem. if not then it is a problem with your Drive do not take me wrong but it might be something like updating the drivers for your CDR or CDRW drive. Who made the Drive?
lautrecT on April 7, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

by the way I installed the drive I mean I made it. but I am sure I did it right.
Cory on April 7, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

So that does not ancer my question. Have you tried some other kind of software? Does the drive do the same thing with some other software? if you would like just E-mail me and I can send you a link to download a copy of ATI or Roxio. Nero did the same thing to me on one of my pcs. I don't remember, is this a soney drive? if so soney makes a hot fix for the drive and they ask that you use the software they send with the drive.
dimos on April 12, 2003
CD-RW Problems

Hey every one.
I got a LITE-ON LTR-24102B and one a wile when I star my computer the drive will open its loading bay, after checking the event log it says
[Received Handle Query Remove notification.
RSM approved the query remove request.

Received a device interface REMOVAL notification for device:

Received a device interface ARRIVAL notification for device:

and when I try to use it won’t read the disk.
The only thing I can do to make it work is to unplug the computer wait
For 10 seconds and then it works fine please help…
Cory on April 12, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Dood the os is hozed! it doesn't know what it wants you to do and it thinks you are removing the hardware. We know you aren't but it thinks you are. I have found this problam with Win XP but this would be a first time in Win 2k. Sounds like a OS reinstall so that it can clear up the old files. If you just try to replace the IDE files it doesn't work. it leves your os like swis cheese. Feel free to E-mail if you would like.
dimos on April 12, 2003
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I forgot to mansion it that the CDRW opens in the boot up before the windows start dos it have anything to do with OS help thanks
ron millsman on April 19, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I can read, write to discs, using nero. pics, music, etc. But if I want to do a back-up of certain files I get a msg. that says " drive not found". I tried a reinstall, but to no avail.
Ed Haynes on May 19, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I had XP & know I have XP pro. The problem I have is that After I installed Windows XP an later XP Pro. full versions In the same system. A few weeks later the drivers for my Soney CD-RW AT fairst my system will say it's not compatable then with in a day or two it will no longer show up in my system. Ive Had it BestBuy's store an sevrail computer stores No one can figure out the problem I have a very prowful system with Acording to the difrent Computer shops theycant under staind why I;m having so much trouble they fix it each time an with in a coupleweeks or so it will act up again an lose the drivers again Very exspencive and confusing problem.
Shirley Olson on May 19, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Neither my CDR or CDRW will show the pictures
I have on my CDs.

The E-mail address I gave is my work one but my home address is

The drives I'm have trouble with are on my
home computer.
Pam on May 21, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

No supported cd-r/cd-rw drive. What does that mean? Thats the message I get. I had to do a complete reinstall of my computer, win ME. I reinstalled my external cd-rw, phillips 400 series, which worked perfect before, and now i can't get anywhere with it.
doug stanley on May 21, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

home email:
glennen on May 29, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I have a Pioneer DVD Burner & a Lg CD-RW. Up until I bought the DVD Burner, I didn't have any trouble with the Cd-RW. Since I,ve installed the DVD, sometimes the OS won't recognise there is a disk in it & now it is also happening with the CD-RW. I am using XP PRO, home comp. New Intel P4. If I restart, then it will pick it up, but after some time has passed, all of a sudden out of the blue it says I need to put a disk in, or sometimes if I am trying to burn, it says that the disk is full when it is empty, can anyone please help me???
rony on June 12, 2004
help plzzzzzzzz

I have been burning cd's sucessfully since i got my computer. Now for some reason the drive will not burn cds. I have tried three different programs to burn. They go half-way then quit. It still reads cds fine. Any suggestions?
plz. i need help
jason on June 14, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

My CD Burner is a Lite-on LTR-24102B I had roxio installed on my PC along with Nero burning Rom. Shortly after I installed Roxio i began to recieve an error about Direct CD. Nero still worked fine and so did Roxio I could burn Data and Audio with both. The problem is i am not sure how to get the Direct CD to go away from popping up each time I log on. I tried to uninstall Roxio thinking that was it but it didn't solve it any suggestions?
Joey C on June 22, 2004
CD-RW Problems?!?!? Burning Music

My CD burner is a Samsung CD-R/CD-RW SW-248B and Im using Roxio CD Creator 6 on my PC. I can burn Data just fine on a CD, but I had a lot of problems trying to burn music on a CD. The CD is divided in tracks and every time I burn more than one song, the cd doesn't have the song in the right track. For example: on the first track of the cd the first song starts almost at the half. In other words it doesnt start from the begining. After the first song finish, on the same track (track 1), the second song starts. After about 1-2 minutes the display shows track 2 starting and the second song already started on track 1. No matter how many times I burn a cd, I still have the same problem. Please tell me if Im doing something wrong or the device is having problems. Can anybody help me??
Sam on June 26, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

My cd-rw says my CD is being erased but the files remain there. What can I do
era on July 7, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Help, my lite-on ltr24102B is not working. It is not recognizing any cd's. i was going totry and clean the heads with the disk but it won't stay in. I am not computer literate but need tof ix this problae asap. Can anyone help???
marty on July 15, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I was putting all my pictures on my computor on cd's Everything was working fine. The next day, when I tried to put more pictures on new cds. It reads put a cd in computor. It will not register I have a cd in. It also no longer will play any cds. Everything else works fine, when I went into troble shoot, it says cdrom is working.
charlie on July 23, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Hi the people i got my computer from told me it had a cd burner built in, days later when i tried to burn a cd it said no device detected and i checked the disk drives properties and it had no indication of a cd-wr at all please help me
Hugo Iantorno on August 21, 2004
RE: CD-RW CRX210E1Problems

I am interested you send me the link to download the Sony CD-RW CRX210E1 to use Roxio Easy CD-Creator 5.0 Basic. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much and best regards, Hugo.
George on September 2, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

My computer says no supported cd-r/cd-rw drive, How can i fix it, it has been like this for a long time now.
Aleksandar on September 18, 2004
UNBELIEVABLE ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!!!

cd/rw type: LG 52x32x52x
no viruses found
motherboard Epox 8RDA+ NForece2
HDD 40G 7200rpm MAXTOR (master IDE-0)
cd/rw is slave at same IDE slot
I tried all possible combinations, reinstalled XP, tried both IDE connections, but the problem persists:

It doesn't recognize blank CDR neither blank or written CDRW no matter who made it (Verbatim I use most often).
It recognizes written CDR and it can read it, but cannot burn the same.
The most interesting is that this very same CD/RW LG works when I connect it to another computer. Then it works perfectly!

Something similar to this already had happened before, but I managed to fix it by reinstalling drivers for it.
But, this time I can't do anything.

WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh on September 23, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I just reformatted my computer which had ME, and put windows 98 on (because i lost my ME dis). I put Adaptec cd creator back on the computer but it now gives me a message that no supported CD-R/CD-RW drive was found. I thought it might be a firmware thing but when i downloaded that it says i need the disc for installing the CD-writer plus (which I don't have). Any suggestions? Thanks a ton.
Craig on October 14, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Got a Samsung CD\R RW SW248B every time i try to burn cd`s it does not work does anybody know where to get updates for it. Driving me mad Thought it was the dics but tried in a friend burner and worked fine
mike on October 30, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I have a JL/DV-ST CD/RW GCG-!260B and recently Windows XP installed. I just it back from repairs about a month ago, and I tried to use the CD drive a few days ago. I would insert a CD into the drive and the green light runs and I hear noise, and then my computer turns off showing a blue screen with writing on it. I even tried leaving the CD in the drive during the boot up of the computer, and it resets itself during half way into he bootup? Please help!
Tula on October 30, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Ever since I installed Windows XP, my CD/RW gives the message--no disk in drive, when there is one when I try to burn a file to the cd.

Other than that my CD player works fine--plays music, installs programs etc.

Any suggestions please.
Margie on November 29, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I recently installed win xp to my computer after my 98. Since installing i tried to reinstall my nero 5 burning rom but even after deleting the original my computer wont reinstall it as it says there is an old version in the computer and needs to be removed. I already have removed it but it still keeps refusing to install it unless the other version is removed. How do i completely remove it or is it that the nero 5 is not compatible with xp.?
Shankar on November 30, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

Exactly I too have the same problem .. I rebooted machine.. uninstalled so many times.. But no way .. i failed to install Nero 5.5 in XP. Please mail to me if u got the solution. I installed it in win 98. But some Burning problem is there ..
Hakeem Godwin on December 6, 2004
RE: CD-RW Problems?!?!?

I have a cd-rw cd and everytime i try to burn stuff on it ,it do not work how do I fix this problem?
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