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problem in cd rom
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problem in cd rom

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sandeep on September 17, 2008
problem in cd rom

i have sumsang 52X CD ROM drive, that shows in bios of my PC. but it does does not show in windows(in my computer). But it shows in hardware list with a yallwo mark of windows.
Plz send me Soultion on this email address
Eric on September 17, 2008
RE: problem in cd rom

Hi Sandeep,

Try removing your drive from the device manager (where you see the yellow mark) and then scanning for new hardware.

In other words, go to the Control Panels and open the System control panel. Click on the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager button. Then right-click on your CD-ROM drive with the yellow exclamation mark and choose Uninstall. Then go back to the Control Panel and double click on the "Add New Hardware" control panel. Then scan for new hardware.

That might very well solve your issue.

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