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User Logon Screen Has Disappeared in Windows XP

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John on November 2, 2008
User Logon Screen Has Disappeared in Windows XP

We have a laptop, and when we turn it on for some reason rather than going to the users screen, it automatically logs onto my wife's account. I have tried everything I know to stop it from logging on to her account right away, but I cannot seem to make this feature stop. Any ideas? The operating system is XP.

Thanks for your help!
Eric on November 2, 2008
RE: User Logon Screen Has Disappeared in Windows XP

Hi John,

Here is something you can try, if you haven't done so already:

1) Select "Run" from the Start menu.
2) Type this in the run box:

control userpasswords2

3) Click the "OK" button in the run box.
4) In the box that appears, there should be a check box that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer." If this box is not checked off, you can check it off and then save your changes by clicking the "OK" button.

On my computer that box is checked off. It might not be on yours and if it's not checked off that could be the problem.

Apparently you can also try holding down the Shift key on your keyboard when your computer is booting up to force the login screen to appear. But this is temporary and will only work for that single logon.

Finally, some people suggest that you execute this command in the run box:

rundll32 netplwiz.dll,ClearAutoLogon

To permanently disable automatic logons and force the login screen to appear.

I hope one of these solutions work for you. Let me know.

John on November 2, 2008
RE: User Logon Screen Has Disappeared in Windows XP

Eric, the 3rd command did the trick - worked like a charm!

Thanks for everything!
Aries on November 22, 2011
wont install any application nor anti virus on my windows xp

I had this problem cant install any applications or anti virus in my computer.Can not create new user account and my windows logon screen disappear.Did this mean my computer need to reformat?Pls help...
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