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cd rewriter
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cd rewriter

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richard on January 16, 2003
cd rewriter

I installed a sony rewriter. Everything appears ok and I have recorded some audio onto a cd but it only plays back on the pc. If I put it in a cd player nothing happens. Have I done something very stupid?
Eric Georgieff on January 20, 2003
RE: cd rewriter


Did you create an actual audio format disc from within your CD mastering software, or did you simply copy raw *.mp3 or *.wav files onto a data format disc? To get the CD to play within a normal CD player, the disc must of course be in audio format.

It is also possible that you may have written onto a CD-Rw (rewritable) disc instead of a regular CD-R disc. Such discs are only readeable in CD-Writers and would hence fail to play back on a stand alone player.

At last, regular players are often far more sensitive than CD-Writers when it comes to reading compaq discs. It is possible that certain imperfections arose during the burn process or that dust particles have been electrostatically deposited on the discs surface. In this case, attempting to copy the disc again, at a lower speed (try burning at 1x) to be safe, may solve your problem.

Eric Georgieff
richard on January 21, 2003
RE: cd rewriter

Thanks for your reply Eric. I am using CD RW discs so I think that must be the answer to the problem. Shame no-one tells you these things when you are making the purchase. Once again, thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Richard
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